AirPods Pro 2: All controls and gestures, explained

The AirPods Pro 2 may not look too different from the original AirPods Pro, but this new pair brings enough improvements — better audio, active noise cancellation, and slightly longer battery life — that they’re destined to be a huge hit. The new AirPods Pro 2 also gained new gestures for volume control, as well as ear scanning (using the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera system) for “personalized spatial audio.” Add these to the already existing controls, and those who are new to the AirPods Pro may be confused. We’re here to help. Here’s our complete guide to all the controls and gestures you can do with the AirPods Pro 2. Apple

New PS5 beta software explained: What it adds, 1440p and more

Sony is rolling out new system software to PlayStation 5 (and PS4) beta testers today. Selected participants in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Germany and France will be able to test the software and its new features ahead of a consumer rollout later this year. Here’s what the July 2022 beta system software adds to PlayStation 5. You can also scroll down to check out how to register for the beta program for future trials. New features in PS5 beta system software (July 2022) There are several new features for beta participants to test, including a new resolution option and the addition of gamelists. Here is a brief rundown of

Samsung TV model numbers explained 2022: What you need to know about Samsung’s OLED, Mini LED, QLED and LCD televisions

Here’s how to make sense of Samsung’s TV model numbers across the company’s extensive range of televisions Samsung may be the biggest TV manufacturer in the world, but its model numbers are far from catchy. While its phones and earbuds get snappy names such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung’s TV ranges are saddled with less-than-memorable model numbers such as QE55QN90BATXXU; model numbers which, on the face of it, provide very little information about the product. Unless, that is, you know the secret to decoding the seemingly bewildering jumble of numbers and letters. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on each of Samsung’s current

Evil Dead the Game Fear Meter Explained: What it Does, How to Decrease

Developed by Saber Interactive, Evil Dead: The Game is finally available on PC and consoles. The game’s 4v1 multiplayer mode serves as the meat and potatoes of the experience, and tasks players with working together to try to defeat the Kandarian Demon, who has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Here’s a breakdown of how the Fear system works in Evil Dead: The Game and how you can prepare for it. Evil Dead the Game Fear Meter Explained At the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll noticed a colored bar just below your character’s HP bar. This indicates your Fear meter, and it’ll slowly increase over time when you’re

What is Mini LED? The TV display technology explained

In 2021, Apple introduced Mini-LED displays to its iPad Pro and 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro. TV manufacturers are embracing the tech, too, with models launching from LG, Samsung, Sony and more. But what is Mini LED and what benefits could it bring to your next tech purchase? Is it different to the MicroLED TV tech also used by Samsung? We explain all right here. What is Mini LED? Like MicroLED, the term “Mini LED” or “Mini-LED” has popped up a lot in recent times. However, unlike that technology, “Mini LED” relates to the backlighting rather than a display’s pixels. It utilises tens of thousands of miniature LED bulbs that

Apple Self Service Repair explained: How to fix an iPhone or Mac yourself

Apple is making it easier to repair your iPhone and Mac yourself, introducing a new program called Self Service Repair. What is Apple’s Self Service Repair program? Apple’s right-to-repair program, Self Service Repair, is now live. Basically, the company will now sell official Apple device parts and tools to consumers, and will even offer instructions on how to repair Apple products at home. That means, if you choose, you can avoid bringing your broken Apple devices to a store or a third-party repair shop to get them fixed. You can literally do it yourself with approved components and step-by-step instructions. This is a huge change in strategy for Apple, which

Android Developer Options Explained: Here’s everything you can do with these settings

Most Android smartphones and tablets already have dozens (or even hundreds) of settings for changing everything from notifications to system colors. There are even more settings hidden away in the Developer options, which are mostly intended to help with creating Android applications, but some of them can come in handy for other situations too. Even though some of the features accessible through the Developer options can be helpful, it’s not always clear which option does what. Although none of the features in the Developer options will break your phone or tablet, enabling some of them can cause unintended problems. That’s why we’re going over everything you can do with Developer

GoPro subscription explained: Everything you need to know about GoPro’s annual subscription

Is GoPro’s annual subscription service right for you? Spend any amount of time shopping for a new GoPro camera or accessory and you’re bound to come across a promotion for GoPro’s subscription service. Originally launched in 2016 as cloud storage for action camera photographs and video clips, the service now offers much more than just a place to store your files. While cloud storage is still an integral part of GoPro’s subscription service, subscribers also gain access to hefty discounts, worry free replacement for damaged devices and expanded features in the GoPro Quik app. The biggest reason to sign up, however, is that buying a GoPro bundled along with an

Garmin UK watch models explained: Our pick of the best Garmin sports watches you can buy

Garmin has a dizzying array of sports watches, but what do you need and how much should you spend? Think of Garmin and you’ll almost certainly think of sports watches. The fact that the US giant is synonymous with fitness wearables is no mean feat considering that it’s been around for nearly 30 years and also specialises in technology for land, sea and air vehicles. Still, it’s sports watches, especially running watches, that have really stuck – and it’s no wonder. The company’s products are known for delivering the things athletes care about: durability, accuracy and heaps of stats. Even paired with the company’s most basic Forerunner 30 watch, the