Celluloid (Gnome MPV) Now GTK4 + LibAwaita Video Player for Linux

By releasing v0.24, Celluloid (formerly Gnome MPV) is now a LibAwaita app. Meaning it works good on any screen sizes, including mobile or tablet devices. Celluloid is a graphical front-end for MPV, defaults in Linux Mint. As MPV is a command line video player, Celluloid adds graphical controls and options to make the player easy to use. Now, the app has ported to GTK4 plus LibAwaita. Which makes it look modern and stylish, and works good on small screen sizes. MPV was just OK when it was in Ubuntu 20.04. But in Ubuntu 22.04, it lacks window border due to switch to Wayland (though there are workarounds). And, the UI

Tagger – Modern New GTK4 Music Tag Editor for Linux

There are quite a few audio tag editing applications for Linux. Tagger is a new one with modern GTK4 user interface. Kid3, puddletag, and easytag editors are really good. But for GNOME (the default desktop environment for Ubuntu, Fedora Workstation), Tagger looks more native due to GTK4 and libadwaita. Tagger light mode The app provides a simple and easy to use interface that follow system light and dark color scheme. With it, you can: Edit metadata and audio tag including Filename, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track, Album Artist, Genre, and comment. Insert album cover art from file. Remove tag. Convert filenames to tags and tags to filenames with ease And

GNOME BitTorrent Client Fragments 2.0 Released! GTK4, Libadwaita & Remote Control

The Fragments BitTorrent client finally released version 2.0. It’s now uses Rust, GTK4 and the new Libadwaita library to provide a stylish user interface for those running Linux with GNOME desktop. For those never heard of Fragments, it’s a free open-source torrent app that uses Transmission as backend for transferring data. With it, user may starting downloading via: click a magnet link copy magnet into clipboard, or add torrent via ‘+’ icon. Fragments dark mode By releasing version 2.0, it now has the ability to control remote Fragments or Transmission sessions. Simply click the option in hamburger menu, type a name and the IP address of remote machine. In advanced

Gtkeddit – GTK4 Reddit App Designed for Linux Mobile Such as Pinephone

For Reddit users, Gtkeddit is another GTK app for Linux desktop and mobile. It’s a free and open-source app written in C++. With the libadwaita library (formerly libhandy), it has an adaptive UI that works on Linux phones such as the Pinephone. The software has dark mode for working at night, though I don’t find how to enable it in Ubuntu using the Flatpak package. And it allows you to browser without an account. Compare to Giara, another Reddit App written in Python with GTK4, the UI navigation feels good and smoother in Gtkeddit. Though it freezes every time during loading new content, maybe due to my poor VPN network