Happy with Windows 10? Here’s how to stop the Windows 11 update

  Happy with Windows 10? Here’s how to stop the Windows 11 updateAre you fed up being nagged to upgrade? Here’s how to muzzle it.By Palash Volvoikar•4 hours ago Windows has had a bit of an update problem of late, where it offers free updates and even unwilling users have to face the prompts. Are you happy with Windows 10 and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11? Here’s how to refuse the Windows 11 update. To refuse the Windows 11 update, you can pause updates in Settings -> Update & Security -> Advanced options -> Pause updates. Alternatively, you can disable the service in the Windows services app, or

Google Assistant is so happy about vaccines that it will sing you a song

Google Assistant should stick to its day job. What you need to know Google Assistant celebrates the COVID-19 vaccine with a song. “The Vaccine Song” praises scientists for the record time that vaccines were developed. Just ask Google Assistant to sing the song and… judge for yourself. Google Assistant is apparently very happy about the COVID-19 vaccine, so much so that it now has a song titled “The Vaccine Song” that it will sing to you if you ask it to. It works on smart speakers like the Nest Audio, but if you ask it to since on any of the best Android phones, you get to enjoy the experience