Pano – Manage Clipboard History in Ubuntu 22.04 / Fedora 36 in New Style

Need to access your copy & paste history quickly? Forget about GPaste or CopyQ, try Pano! It’s a cool new clipboard manager for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux with GNOME Desktop, such as Arch and Manjaro. No system tray indicator or app window, just press your custom keyboard shortcut will bring up the bottom bar with all recent clipboard histories. The histories are displayed in blocks with different colors. It supports: Code blocks with syntax highlighting. Color codes (hex/rgb) Images with size and resolution information. Links with previews. Texts File Operations (Cut/Copy) And, each block has a title indicates when it was created, as well as a little close button

How to Check Your Printed Document History in Windows 10

Checking the history of a printer to see what was printed can be somewhat difficult to monitor. As your toner level doesn’t convey how much the accessory has been used, you’ll need to enable logging within Windows 10. Here’s how. Enable Logging for Recently Printed Documents By default, your printed document history will be wiped after each document has finished printing. You can change this setting to enable you to see a list of your recently printed documents from the print queue for your printer. You’ll need to change this setting for each printer you have installed. Access Your Print Queue To access your print queue, right-click the Windows Start

How to Enable and Use Clipboard History on Windows 11

If you’ve ever accidentally replaced something in your clipboard on Windows 11, we have good news: Clipboard history allows you to store up to 25 entries that you can retrieve later. Here’s how to turn it on and use it. To get started with clipboard history in Windows 11, press Windows+V on your keyboard. You’ll see a pop-up menu in the corner with a message that reads “Let’s get started. Turn on clipboard history to copy and view multiple items.” Click “Turn On” to enable clipboard history. With clipboard history enabled, begin copying items into your clipboard by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+C (or using the menu in apps). Clipboard

New Marvel’s Midnight Suns Video Is All About the History of Captain Marvel

2K Games and Firaxis Games revealed another video about the turn-based tactical game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, dedicated to one of its playable superheroes. This time around we can enjoy a deep dive in the history behind Carol Danvers, A.K.A. super-powerful cosmic heroine Captain Marvel. Unlike the previous trailer, which was brief and introduced her gameplay, this time around we hear a lot of Captain Marvel from her origins to her interactions with magic, which is a major theme in Midnight Suns. Given the pattern of previous videos, we can expect a much more extensive video explaining her gameplay soon enough, likely during the weekend. In the meanwhile, you can check

How to Fix Can’t Migrate WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iPhone

Are you having trouble transferring your WhatsApp Data from one phone to another? Don’t worry in this guide we will be discussing how you can fix it, if you can’t migrate WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone. We will be covering a general guide, which you can follow irrespective of the phone you are transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, or vice versa. So let’s get started. Reasons of Can’t Migrate WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone Image Courtesy: Su Amigo Alex/ YouTube If your WhatsApp data migration has failed while moving it between your current and new phone (it can between Android to Android, Android to iPhone, or iPhone

WhatsApp Now Allows Transfer Of Chat History From Android To iOS & Vice Versa

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the ability to transfer chats from iPhone to Android devices. Now, the popular messaging platform has launched the same functionality for all Android devices as a stable version. In other words, users can now freely migrate their chat history from Android to iOS devices. “A new way to keep the chats that mean the most. Today, you’ll have the ability to transfer your entire chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa. Now you have the freedom to switch to and from your preferred devices,” WhatsApp made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday. Users who are moving from an Android phone to an iPhone can

WhatsApp guide: How to restore chat history on Android, iOS

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application on the planet right now. Many users have to switch to newer devices every now and then. In order to make the switch, easy WhatsApp provides chat back-ups. These backups are also very helpful in case you lose your primary device. The app is programmed to back up chats on a regular level. The user can choose a specific frequency to create back-ups of their chat. How to restore chat backup on iPhone, iOS -First, you need to verify that an iCloud backup exists in WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. -If you can see when the last backup was

How to clear cookies, cache, and browsing history in Firefox

How to clear cookies, cache, and browsing history in FirefoxClearing your cookies, cache, and browsing history on Firefox is an easy way to reduce how much you’re tracked online.By Sam Smart•12 hours ago Surfing the web is always fun, but there’s a lot of data collected when you’re doing your browsing. It’s good practice to clear cookies and other saved data on public devices like library computers or shared family computers, so others who use those devices can’t access your accounts or find information on you using your browsing history. On your personal device, it’s good to clear Firefox cookies, cache, and history once in a while to clear space

Notification History in Android lets you re-check dismissed notifications

Have you ever dismissed notifications only to realize that it was something important? Android’s Notification History feature will rescue you the next time. Android apps constantly send out notifications, some important, others useless. The notifications center can become a spam hub if we haven’t checked the phone for some time. And in such cases, we end up dismissing away some important notifications either by mistake or unknowingly when pressing the clear all button. New versions of Android (Android 11 and upwards) come with a handy feature called “Notification History”. Once enabled, all new and already dismissed notifications remain logged in the history for 24 hours. So, you can go there