Download Links & Torrents for Linux Mint 18.1 LTS Serena All Editions

This list shows download links for all four editions of Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” GNU/Linux operating system. Linux Mint Serena is a LTS version that will be supported until 2021. This list provides regular and torrent ISO download links, including official announcements, release notes, mirrors, and documentation links for 4 editions of Serena (Cinnamon, MATE,

Ubuntu 17.04 Beta 1 Released for Opt-in Flavors

The next Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus has reached the beta 1 release earlier today. The beta 1 features images for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Studio, and Xubuntu. This Zesty Zapus snapshot includes the v4.9 kernel and features: Kubuntu 17.04 comes with Plasma 5.9, and KDE Applications 16.12.1 Ubuntu Budgie 17.04:


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How To Install Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 On Ubuntu Systems

Update to Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2. Terminal commands to install Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 on Ubuntu 16.10 and Ubuntu 16.04 Systems. Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 fixes build failure, vlan handling and add support for RTL8168 series add-on card. It also brings various fixes for architecture and networking issues. Announcing the release, Linux wrote: Hey, it’s been a really

Linux Kernel 4.9-RC4 Released – How To Install Linux Kernel 4.9-RC4 On Ubuntu

Linux Kernel 4.9-RC4 released. Here’s how to install Linux Kernel 4.9-RC4 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint Systems. Update to Kernel 4.9-RC4, which has been released with various networking fixes and driver updates. For example, the Git urls has been updated to use https over http and a scheduling domain for highest level cache is also

400 Useful Forum Website To Get Better SEO

Tips to get Backlink from Forum: 1: Before signing up the forum check whether the forum allows you to put a do follow link and check the DR of the forum because your intention is to be getting quality links from forum website. 2: Once you sign up don’t forget to edit the profile and

Download deepin 15.3 GNU/Linux

Here are deepin 15.3 official download links plus some mirrors. deepin 15.3 is released recently at 13 September 2016. deepin 15.3 is released for 32 and 64 bit desktop computers. And you can read about how to verify ISO file checksums at the end of article. We hope this article helps you a lot. Official

LibreOffice Command Line: Convert Multiple Files PPT to ODP

PPT is a Microsoft Office proprietary binary document format, along with DOC and XLS. This command line showing how to convert multiple PPT files into ODP files. This can be considered as Microsoft PowerPoint to LibreOffice Impress documents conversion. We use here some PPT files from some different resources (mentioned below). soffice –headless –convert-to odp

How To Set Up Apache with HTTP/2 Support on Ubuntu 16.04

HTTP/2 is the first major HTTP protocol update since 1997. The main goal of HTTP/2 is to decrease latency, reduce total number of TCP connections thus improve page load speed in web browsers. HTTP/2 is backwards-compatible with HTTP/1.1, all application semantics of HTTP are the same, except the way of transmitting data via TCP connection.

How to Password-Protect Directories with mod_authn_dbd and MySQL on Apache (Debian 8)

  This guide explains how to password-protect web directories (with users from a MySQL database) with mod_authn_dbd on Apache2 on a Debian 8 (Jessie) server. It is an alternative to the plain-text password files provided by mod_auth and allows you to use normal SQL syntax to create/modify delete users. You can also configure mod_authn_dbd to

Rate Limiting with nginx

  This article explains how to use the nginx HttpLimitReqModule to limit the number of requests for a given session. This is useful, for example, if your site is hammered by a bot doing multiple requests per second and thus increasing your server load. With the ngx_http_limit_req_module, you can define a rate limit, and if

Upgrading from Debian 6 Squeeze with ISPConfig and courier/postfix to Debian 7 Wheezy

  This How-To has been compiled by the Howtoforge User @manarak from the following two sources and complemented with additional fixes. Falko: How to upgrade Debian Squeeze to Wheezy Jeppe: Upgrading Debian 6 Squeeze to Debian 7 Wheezy with ISPConfig Also thank you Till for helping me with the suphp.conf problem. This How-To supposes that

How to cache static files on nginx

  This tutorial explains how you can configure nginx to set the Expires HTTP header and the max-age directive of the Cache-Control HTTP header of static files (such as images, CSS and Javascript files) to a date in the future so that these files will be cached by your visitors’ browsers. This saves bandwidth and