How to remove Background from Image in Illustrator

Illustrator is one of the many software from Adobe. Illustrator has a lot of features that graphic artists would find interesting. Illustrator is best used for vector graphics and illustrations. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator is not very good at photo manipulation and retouches. Illustrator is best for vector graphics and creating vector artwork. In this post, we will show you how to remove Image Background using Illustrator. How to remove Background from Image in Illustrator Illustrator may not be the best at photo manipulation, but it can do the job if you know how. There are two major ways that you can remove the image background in Illustrator. The method you

How to use Adobe Illustrator using these hidden advanced features

This article will show you how to use Adobe Illustrator using these hidden advanced features. Use them to be at your creative best! Illustrator is among the top vector graphic software that can be found. Illustrator has a vast number of tools to complete just about any task that you might have. If you search hard enough Illustrator will have some tips and tricks that will add excitement and interest to your artwork. How to use Adobe Illustrator using these hidden advanced features Illustrator has many hidden features that will make your work easier. There are tips that you never knew were there and you wish you had known before.

How to Reset Illustrator Preferences on Windows PC

The Preferences in Adobe Illustrator allow you to make changes that will fit your needs. There are default preferences that come with Illustrator; however, the user can make changes to the panel settings and commands in Illustrator by going to Preferences. When you open Illustrator, the positioning of panels and commands are stored in the Illustrator preferences file. In addition, numerous program settings are stored in the preference file, including general display options, file-saving options, performance options, type options, and options for plug-ins and scratch disks. Most of these options are set in the Preferences dialog box. Preference settings are saved each time you quit the application. How to Reset

How to Flip Text on a Path in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great graphic design program to use when you want to create editable vector graphics. A vector graphic can be scaled up without losing any detail, so you can make an illustration, including typography, that will look as good on a billboard as a business card. Imagine creating a round badge or logo, and you want to type text around a circular path. You might want the text at the bottom of the circle to flip to the opposite side of the path, so it’s easily legible. In this Illustrator tutorial, we’ll teach you how to flip text on a path in Illustrator, so the text isn’t

The Top 7 Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator of 2021

Adobe Illustrator is a popular tool for designing vector graphics, logos, icons, and more. But when you’re a web or graphic designer with a small budget, you probably can’t afford Adobe Illustrator’s steep $239.88/yr pricing. Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch free alternatives on the market, some of which offer features unparalleled by Illustrator. In this post, we’re sharing the top seven free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator so you can produce beautiful designs on a budget.   If you’re shopping for a program that offers features comparable in quality to Adobe’s product, check out our list of the top free alternatives to Illustrator. 1. Inkscape One of the most comparable

Get The Noun Project Add-On For Photoshop, Illustrator, And InDesign

The Noun Project is an amazing resource for free icons. The only requirement for using the icons is you credit designers when you use their work. For a fairly nominal amount, you can get unlimited access to everything the site has to offer, royalty free. Earlier this month, the Noun Project add-in for MS Word and MS PowerPoint was released. The add-in lets you search and insert icons from the Noun Project in your documents and presentations. It’s a great alternative to clip art. There is now a Noun Project add-on for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. It works more or less the same way as the add-in for MS Word

Evince 3.26 Will Let You View Adobe Illustrator & CBR Files

Evince, the default document viewer on Ubuntu, is adding support for more file formats. The next stable release, Evince 3.26, due in October, will allow you to view Adobe Illustrator files on Linux without needing to install any additional software. “But wait!”, I hear you cry, “Evince can already do that!” This is sort of true; Evince can be made to open Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) on Linux — but the app doesn’t specifically associate itself with these files. What this news, shared today by GNOME developer Bastien Nocera, means is that Evince will declare that it supports .ai files formerly. So, once installed, you’ll be able to double-click on

Why Adobe Illustrator Open Any File As White Blank Canvas

Adobe Illustrator is a vector file editor, supports various type of vector file formats. One of the most common vector formats it supports is .PDF. Depends on the content inside PDF file, you can open it in Adobe Illustrator and see the ‘source’ of the content in vector shapes. A designer can save the raw content in .pdf via Illustrator, and a regular pdf viewer would only see the visible canvas where as with Illustrator you are able to see content outside the visible space. Som time, when opening a .pdf file, Adobe Illustrator would show a blank white canvas, even though you can clearly see from the side layers