YouTube’s streaming service is the next big plan: Internal Reports from 13th August

YouTube, one of the Alphabet Inc’s premium companies is planning to launch a new streaming service this fall. As reported by The Wall Street journal, YouTube might launch a new online store for streaming videos. “Channel Store”, is what the company is referring to the aforementioned store internally. The reports are that YouTube is trying map deals with various entertainment platforms to provide participation for the same. YouTube’s streaming service might be here soon Expected launch date for YouTube’s new streaming service YouTube’s streaming service is going to be an online store As of now there is no official confirmation nor any word as to when the store will be

LastPass Confirms Internal Source Code Compromised in Security Breach

LastPass has announced that its development environment was recently compromised in a security breach. The password manager maker detailed in a blog post that hackers had stolen their internal source code and technical documentation. LastPass is a popular password manager that allows users to store their credentials and personal information in an encrypted vault. It also makes creating secure and unique passwords for their online accounts easier. LastPass secures information and syncs to any mobile device or computer. The password manager has more than 25 million users and 80,000 business customers worldwide. Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass, explained that the security incident took place about two weeks ago. The

How to check your Mac’s internal temperature and keep it cool

Waves of extreme heat have already passed across the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world so far this summer. While people are at the greatest risk from high temperatures, your Mac may be even more fragile. (People can be water cooled and no current Mac offers that option—though some have tried.) An iPhone or iPad will warn you when it detects it’s too hot before shutting down, while a Mac may simply suddenly power off. If it doesn’t power down, you may be running it to close to its maximum capability and putting a lot of additional wear in the process on components that might fail later

How to route all Traffic through the Internal Network in Windows 11/10

A remote computer has two options to use the internet when it connects to an internal network, and one of them is the default gateway. If you want to prevent the remote client computer from using the internet through the default gateway and allow it to use the secure tunnel that DirectAccess generates, this guide will help you do that. You can route all traffic through the internal network in Windows 11/10 if you follow this step-by-step tutorial. Route all Traffic through the Internal Network in Windows To route all traffic through the internal network in Windows 11/10 using Group Policy, follow these steps: Search for gpedit.msc in the Taskbar

What's a 500 Internal Server Error, and How to Fix It [Quick Guide]

Troubleshooting a HTTP 500 internal server error is like solving a mystery. You don’t know what exactly happened or why it happened — all you know is that something’s wrong and you need to fix it. To guide you through the hassle of troubleshooting the dreaded HTTP 500 internal server error, let’s go over what it exactly means and its most common causes and solutions.   What is a HTTP 500 internal server error? A HTTP 500 internal server error means your web server is experiencing problems, but it can’t pinpoint the specific error or its root causes. When this happens, your website will serve up a general internal server

Best Internal Hard Drives: May 2021

In our series of Hard Disk Drive guides, here’s the latest update to our list of recommended HDDs. All numbers in the text are updated to reflect pricing at the time of writing. Best Internal Consumer Hard Drives: May 2021 Data storage requirements have kept increasing over the last several years. While SSDs have taken over the role of the primary drive in most computing systems, hard drives continue to be the storage media of choice in areas dealing with large amount of relatively cold data. Hard drives are also suitable for workloads that are largely sequential and not performance sensitive. The $/GB metric for SSDs (particularly with QLC in

Best internal hard drives 2017: The best high-capacity HDDs to buy from £100

If you’re looking to supersize your storage, then upgrade your PC or NAS drive with our pick of the best high-capacity HDDs The ever-decreasing price of SSDs means that traditional hard disks are less universal than they once were. However, as media libraries grow larger, and 4K video becomes commonplace, there’s still very much a role for affordable, high-capacity storage. The question is, which hard drive should you buy? Does performance matter, or should you just go for the cheapest model? Here’s our verdict on the five major hard disk models from the two industry giants (namely Western Digital and Seagate). How to buy the best hard disk for you

RedNotebook 2.8 Released with Internal Previews Support on Windows

RedNotebook, cross-platform desktop diary and journal software, released version 2.8 today with support for internal previews again on Windows. RedNotebook also released version 2.7 and 2.7.1 in recent days. Here are the changes: Never let search phrases end up in the main text field Fix spell checking Use GtkSourceView for editor to obtain better undo/redo functionality When saving, update the list of tags in the auto-complete list for the search. Fix opening RedNotebook homepage from About dialog How to Install Rednotebook 2.8 in Ubuntu: The official PPA contains the latest packages for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04, and Ubuntu 18.10. 1. Open terminal either via Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcuts or by searching

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

We’ll show you, How to Fix “500 Internal Server Error” in WordPress . WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of people because it is free, customizable and easy to use. Although there is documentation for pretty much everything, many people find it difficult to manage their own sites. This may lead to their sites being down which is something nobody likes. One of the most common problems that occurs with WordPress is 500 Internal Server Error. In this guide we will show you few tips on how to fix 500 Internal Server Error and get your WordPress site up and running on your Linux VPS. The