Windows 11 UWP apps just got a big boost

What you need to know WebView2 is now generally available for desktop UWP apps. The rollout of WebView2 support coincided with the release of WinUI 2.8, which became available earlier this year. WebView2 lets developers embed web content using the Microsoft Edge Chromium platform, which is compatible with more websites than Edge legacy. WebView2 is now generally available for desktop UWP apps on Windows. The developer control’s release happened alongside the rollout of WinUI 2.8, which came out earlier this year. WebView2 lets developers embed web content with the Edge Chromium platform rather than relying on Edge Legacy. General users of PCs likely have not heard of WebView2, or any

This Logitech C615 Webcam for Just $30 Is an Incredible Deal

Calling all Zoomers, streamers, and anyone who’s ever needed a webcam — now that you’ve upgraded your audio setup with the Blue Yeti Nano deal we shared earlier this week, you can get a camera at a great price, too. Snatch up this Review-Geek-recommended Logitech C615 1080p webcam, now down to $29.99 ($20 off). Most laptops these days don’t come equipped with great webcams. Even Apple, who is responsible for putting less-than-stellar cameras into their Mac products, has told users to just use their iPhones instead. While this option is fine for the iPhone/Mac owners who want to fiddle with getting this upcoming feature to work, the rest of us

Intel just leaked its 13th Gen processor specs

Intel has accidentally published the specifications for its 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors. A day after confirming an upcoming 13th Gen CPU will run at 6GHz at stock, Intel published and quickly deleted specs for its Core i5-13600K, Core i7-13700K, and Core i9-13900K CPUs. Intel posted the specs to its Canadian website (Google cached view), and Twitter users were quick to spot them. The specs reveal that the top of the line i9 13900K will have 24 cores and 32 threads, with the performance cores running at a maximum frequency of 5.4GHz. The i7 13700K will ship with 16 cores and 24 threads, with up to 5.3GHz on the performance

Linux Mint 21 Review: The Best Distro Just Got a Little Better

Linux Mint 21 ‘Vanessa’ is a fantastic upgrade. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial to get help. But should you proceed to upgrade? Is Linux Mint 21 good enough for users? Does it have any quirks that you should know of? Here, let me highlight some important information to help you decide whether you should give it a try or not. Linux Mint 21: What’s New? If you want to give it a try based on what’s new in it, here are the key highlights: New upgrade tool New Bluetooth manager Addition of a process monitor tray icon Improved thumbnail support Desktop environment upgrades (Cinnamon

Android Games Just Got Better on Windows 11

The Windows Subsystem for Android allows many Android games and applications to run on PCs, and Microsoft has continued working on it since release. A new update is now rolling out with improvements to controls and other features. Microsoft is updating the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows Insider channels, but there’s no major platform update this time around, like the Android 12.1 upgrade that first arrived in May. The update has new settings for controlling games and apps — you can now turn on and off WASD key mapping for controllers, controller pass-through support, and aiming in games with keyboard arrow keys. It’s worth noting that the Android Subsystem

Why the Corsair One i300 might just be the perfect compact gaming PC

When you think of a gaming PC, especially if it’s a pre-built one, there’s a good chance that you imagine a hulking great tower of a computer, the sort that would take up a huge slice of space whether it’s on top of a desk or below it. While those sorts of builds are popular for their simple layout, and can house loads of components, they’re not the only way. Few PCs demonstrate this more perfectly than Corsair’s One i300, a gaming PC that redefines the amount of space high-quality graphics demand from you. Here’s why you should think about getting this pre-built masterpiece rather than constructing your own puzzle

How to enable and use Just Me in Microsoft Teams

When you need to note down some important notes, you can choose to send them to yourself in Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is follow this trick to enable and use ‘Just Me‘ in Microsoft Teams and get all the messages as notes. Enable and use Just Me in Microsoft Teams Just Me mode in Microsoft Teams can be used to send yourself a message. It is not a feature as such – but a workaround! Do this to send a message to yourself in Teams: Open the Microsoft Teams app. Select the Chat tab. Choose a contact from the chat. Select a message. Choose the More options

Sky Glass review: Sky’s first TV just misses the mark

  Sky’s first TV marries a promising new streaming service with decent audio output, but picture quality is mediocre Pros Convenient and easy to useMinimalist designGood audio qualityCons HDR performance is mediocreNo programme recordingFewer channels than Sky Q Save £8/mth on Superfast Broadband from Sky this Black Friday Sky’s Superfast Broadband promises average download speeds of 59Mbits/sec and upload speeds of 16Mbits/sec, and now you can get all that for just £25/mth – but hurry, this deal will be gone just as fast. That equates to a saving of £144 over an 18-month contract, or £8/mth, so purchase today to enjoy the benefits of smooth streaming. Sky Was £32/mth Now

Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ can now do more than just play music

Spotify released its ‘Car Thing’ accessory last year, which is a touchscreen control panel for playing Spotify content in a car. The player only makes sense for people who use Spotify all the time and don’t have a car with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but now Spotify is updating Car Thing to make it generally more useful. An update rolling out this week adds the ability to see, answer, and dismiss incoming phone calls from a connected smartphone, so you can use Car Thing for hands-free calling. The device can also be used to play and control media coming from a phone, even if it’s not from Spotify —