Ford tests smart traffic lights that go green for emergency services

Ford is working on connected smart traffic lights to help emergency services get to incidents faster. The lights can go green when an ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle is nearby and is in emergency response status. This not only opens a clearer route for the respective service, but also helps prevent accidents that could be caused when a responder has to drive through a red light. The test tiook place in Aachen in western Germany, with eight consecutive connected traffic lights set up in one road, with another three just outside the city/. A Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid car was equipped with on-board communication units and acted as the

You can now schedule Google Assistant commands for smart lights

At CES 2020 in January this year, Google announced a couple of new features for the Google Assistant. These included a new Scheduled Actions feature that would allow users to ask the Assistant to turn on/off or start/stop a compatible smart device at any time of their choosing. The feature has finally started rolling out to users, and you can now use the Google Assistant to schedule commands for your smart lights. The feature was recently spotted by Reddit user u/robertococciolo (via Android Police), and it lets you turn on/off smart lights around your house at any specified time. To do so, you can use commands like: “OK Google, turn

Lights Go Out on Old Destiny 2 Destinations as Seasonal Live Event Concludes

Destiny 2’s second ever seasonal live event went down tonight and it was a bit more involved than last season’s Almighty Event. Players were invited to previously inaccessible area of the Tower to watch as the Travelers twitched and healed in order to provide Guardians with just enough cover from the Darkness. Like the previous live event, it was mostly a bunch of sitting around and watching, but at least this time around it went down a bit quicker and it was more interesting to look at. If nothing else you got to run around a new area of the Tower with quickening. The event started in earnest with a

Control Philips Hue lights in Ubuntu 20.04, 20.10 via Gnome Extension

For those who have Philips Hue compatible lights, now it’s easy to control them via a Gnome Shell Extension. Hue-lights is an extension that offers a system tray indicator to control Philips Hue compatible lights using Philips Hue Bridge. The extension groups the lights in zones and rooms, allows you to control the state, the brightness, and the color. How to Install Hue-lights Gnome Shell Extension: In your web browser, go to the extension web site and turn on the toggle icon to install it. Once you installed the extension, the system tray indicator starts automatically and discovers Philips Hue bridges in your home network. For choice you may add