Apple SIM can no longer be used to activate cellular plans for iPads

Users of Apple iPads with cellular service must either use eSIM or a new physical SIM card in order to activate a data plan for their tablet, since they can no longer utilise the Apple SIM that comes with their device. According to MacRumors, the tech giant included an Apple SIM with its cellular iPads to allow users to quickly get set up with cellular data plans from carriers, without needing to wait for a carrier’s physical SIM to be delivered for use. However, since October 1, Apple SIM can’t be used for that task at all, the report said. An update to an Apple support page explained that from

How to Make an HDMI Cable Even Longer

Standard HDMI cables, also known as passive HDMI cables, have length limitations. They can only be a certain number of feet long before risking performance issues. So what can you do to extend the length of your HDMI connection? HDMI Cable Length Limitations High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is very helpful in reducing the cable clutter by allowing a device to send audio and video signals over a single cable. As a result, it has been widely adopted by televisions, computers, projectors, digital signage, and various other devices. But as the standard’s capabilities have grown over the years, so has the demand for longer HDMI cables. But like the USB

Fitbit will soon no longer let you transfer music from your PC

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge If you’re the owner of a Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, or Ionic, you’ll soon no longer be able to transfer music from your computer to your Fitbit device. In a support page spotted by 9to5Google, Fitbit says it’s discontinuing its Fitbit Connect app, leaving you with only two ways to download music to your device: a paid subscription to either Pandora or Deezer. Fitbit Connect is a companion app for Mac and Windows computers that lets you sync fitness data between devices and transfer music to legacy Fitbit devices. Fitbit has slowly been phasing out the software in favor of its mobile

Facebook’s video app may no longer work on Apple TV

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Facebook’s app for smart TVs, which lets users tune into various videos, shows, and livestreams on the platform, may no longer be available on Apple TV, as first reported by 9to5Mac. Some users say they’re no longer able to access the app after its most recent update. In a thread on MacRumors, one user shares an image of the notice they received after attempting to open Facebook Watch on their Apple TV 4K: “The Facebook Watch TV app is no longer available, but you can still find lots of videos on Facebook at” Several other users report having the same experience. Facebook

Scan to computer is no longer activated [Fixed]

Many Windows users are reporting that their HP Printer has been showing them a notification with the following error message. This message pops out of nowhere in the notification section, annoying many people. Scan to computer is no longer activated The network connection to the printer has been lost In this article, we will talk about this issue and see what you need to do to resolve this issue. Fix Scan to computer is no longer activated If you are seeing Scan to computer is no longer activated error message by HP Printer or Windows 11/10 PC, try the following solutions. Disable ScanToPCActivationApp Turn off Scan to Computer Run Printer

WhatsApp no longer saves disappearing media to the iPhone’s Photos app

Learn why images, videos and animated GIFs from WhatsApp chats with disappearing messages enabled are no longer automatically saved to your iPhone’s Photos library, and how to manage this setting going forward. Image credit: WABetaInfo WhatsApp no longer automatically saves disappearing images, videos and GIFs This is true even if WhatsApp’s general auto-save setting has been enabled Previously, auto-disappearing media was automatically saved to Photos Does WhatsApp save auto-disappearing media? WhatsApp has stopped automatically saving disappearing media such as images, videos and GIFs to your iPhone’s Photos app. This improves the privacy of sensitive media in your disappearing messages. The updated app turns off the media visibility setting for disappearing

Apple To No Longer Fix iPhones Marked As Missing Or Stolen

In a big blow to iPhone users, Cupertino giant Apple has reportedly decided to no longer repair those iPhones which have been marked as lost or stolen in the GSMA Device Registry, reported MacRumors. For those unaware, the GSMA registry is a global database, which allows device owners to register status designations against their devices in the event of issues such as loss, theft, fraud or to indicate that the device is subject to a payment plan. The status registered indicates recommended action to those that handle the device. For instance, if a device is registered as stolen, the device will be blocked from network access and not bought or

Apple will no longer repair iPhones that have been reported as missing

Apple will no longer repair iPhones that have been reported as lost or stolen. That’s according to an internal company memo seen by MacRumors, at least, with both Apple Stores and Apple Authorised Service Providers now set to be alerted when they receive an iPhone model that has been reported as missing or stolen. Anybody working on one of these devices will be instructed to decline the repair once the alert pops up from the global GSMA Device Registry database, which is a new step in the current protocol. Right now, Apple Stores and AASPs are only able to reject a repair if Find My is active and unable to

Safari Will No Longer Save Passwords Without Usernames in iOS 15.4

In the iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and macOS Monterey 12.3 betas, Apple has added a minor quality of life improvement to the way Safari saves passwords. At the current time, Safari will gladly save a password without a username, which can lead to confusion later, but that’s no longer the case in the beta updates. When you are prompted to save a password to iCloud Keychain in iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, or ‌macOS Monterey‌ 12.3 and Safari has only detected a password, Safari will pop up a window asking for a user name. “To save this password, enter the username for your [website] account,” reads the alert. Details about the