A complex game was launched on the miniature screen Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra [ВИДЕО]

The highlight of the flagship model Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra is the presence of a miniature color display located on the massive block of the main camera. As it turned out, it can be used not only for showing new notifications or for taking selfies, but also for more complex tasks. One of the users of the Chinese social network Weibo published a short video showing that the smartphone can be fully used even through its auxiliary display. Moreover, he even played the popular MOBA game King of Glory on a miniature screen, which required pressing a lot of buttons. Despite the tiny size of the display, the author of the

Samsung Begins Production of Exynos i T200 SoC for Miniature IoT Devices

Samsung on Thursday said it had begun to mass-produce its first SoC for miniature IoT devices, the Exynos i T200. Aimed at devices that do not need a lot of compute power, but require ultra-low standby power consumption, the first Exynos i SoC integrates processing, connectivity, security and other capabilities. The Samsung Exynos i T200 SoC uses one ARM Cortex-R4 CPU core and one ARM Cortex-M0+ CPU core for real time processing and microcontroller applications, with both cores running at 320MHz. For connectivity, the chip also contains a 802.11 b/g/n single-band (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi controller and supports IoTivity protocol that enables interoperability between IoT devices over various protocols. In addition,