Audio Pro offers better connectivity in the A10 MkII

Audio Pro has continued its streak of subtly upgrading its speaker lineup with better connectivity by announcing the A10 MkII, its most compact option. Best Bluetooth speakers: Top portable speakers for every budget The speaker will now support Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast alongside Audio Pro’s own multiroom solution, making it way easier to integrate it into a multiroom setup. On the design side of things, there isn’t much change at all that we can see, with the same small footprint that will remind some observers of Amazon Echo speakers of a certain generation, with a fabric finish that should make it easy to blend into the background in

Audio Pro C5 MkII review: Casting the net wider

With Swedish audio specialist Audio Pro updating its Addon C10 speaker with some added functionality back in 2021, it was only a matter of time until the smaller C5 received similar treatment. With the Addon C5 MkII, fans of the brand now have the option to connect to music sources much more readily, with support for Google Cast and AirPlay 2 both arriving. Not one to change a winning formula too much, though, the design and sound mostly remain the same as the standard C5 speaker. With the asking price remaining pretty lofty, however, it’s fair to question whether the upgrades go far enough with this second iteration of the

Audio Pro C10 MkII review: Superb home sound

When you’ve a manufacturer that’s already made a superb speaker, there aren’t always a clear and obvious set of ways to improve it. But adding a few more convenient means to connect wirelessly and getting it out the door is more than OK in our books. Best smart speakers: Premium Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri speakers available to buy Which is exactly what Audio Pro has done with the C10 MkII speaker. It’s a cracking example of how to subtly improve a classic, with the only loss in the updated model being the fun carry-handle – that might have divided people’s taste anyway – that featured on the original. The