Google Photos compressed “High Quality” mode will irretrievably damage your photos… says Google


For more than 5 years now Google has been encouraging users to store their photos on Google Drive in its proprietary High Quality compressed mode, which allowed them to upload an unlimited number of photos to Google Drive, and keep their phone storage available by deleting the originals. Google’s Anil Sabharwal promised that High Quality storage offered “near-identical visual quality” when compared to your original photos. Recently, 4 trillion photos later, Google however started closing the tap on unlimited uploads to Google Drive, with users being asked to pay if they use more than 15 GB starting June 1st, 2021. With Google having a financial incentive to get users to … Read more

Huawei claims the folding Huawei Mate X2 is “crease-less”, but that’s probably a lie


Huawei is expected to announce the Huawei Mate X2 on the 22nd of February. The device is their second-generation foldable and will have the same form-factor as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold ie. inward-folding. In a new teaser posted on Twitter, the company claimed their version will, however, be “crease-less” which would be a major achievement for a folding screen. That is a big claim to make, especially since their graphic shows a very small folding radius. Their small print however clarifies: It reads: Creative advertising only, the gap after folding is close to a seamless visual effect. Learn more at our website. I suspect the same disclaimer will also … Read more

Realme GT could be company’s new flagship with Snapdragon 888 and more


Realme is soon expected to launch a new flagship, which is most likely to be the much-rumoured Realme GT. We have been seeing numerous leaks regarding the device lately (with it mostly being referred to as the Realme Race) and the most recent development hints at the possible flagship specifications of the device. The recent leak also confirms that the upcoming Realme flagship is highly expected to come with the epithet Realme GT and be the start of a new series altogether. Here’s a look at what all we know so far. Realme GT with QS 888 chip coming this year It is suggested that the Realme GT, aka, Realme … Read more