How to split screen on iPad for efficient multitasking

There was a time when it wasn’t possible to split the screen on your iPad and work on separate apps at the same time, but that all changed when multitasking was introduced in iPadOS 15. Since September 2021, it’s been possible to run two apps side-by-side on iPad, as well as have one app in a floating window alongside another app. Both allow you to work across Notes and Mail for example, or browse Safari, whilst messaging a friend. It’s great for working efficiently, rather than constantly having to jump between apps. Here’s how to split screen on iPad. iPad tips and tricks How to multitask on iPad There are

Apple iPadOS 16 to focus on improving multitasking experience: Check details

Apple is all set to host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022 from next week (June 6-June 10). The tech giant is expected to announce new software updates including iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16. This time, Apple is likely to make big new changes in iPadOS by redesigning the user interface, reported Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. As per the report, iPadOS 16 might also bring new options for resizing app windows and additional ways to manage multiple apps simultaneously. Apple iPadOS 16 expected features and specifications In terms of multi-tasking, the current iPadOS 15 has a split-view feature where you can work on two

Windows 11’s multitasking features to get several UI improvements

Multitasking can be challenging when you’ve too many apps open at the same time, but Windows 11’s flagship features like Snap groups and Alt + Tab make it easy to organize your windows on the desktop. Multitasking features support both mouse and touch, and it is getting better in the Sun Valley 2 update with a new way to group apps. Snap groups isn’t a new concept introduced in Windows 11 and it has been a part of previous versions of Windows. With Snap group, you can create a snap layout by opening up multiple programs, then pull one to the front and move it to the right or left

Windows 11 multitasking: Microsoft teases better windowed gaming

Most Windows games take over the whole screen when you play and there are few rare titles that open in a window instead. In fact, you can play any game in a window instead of full screen, but it depends on whether or not the developer allows it. As long as the feature is supported, you can run any game in a window in just a few seconds. However, some features like HDR don’t natively support windowed mode. Games in windowed mode also offer lower framerates and overall performance is not good in most cases. Windowed gaming is particularly useful when you’re multitasking while gaming. It makes it easier to

Windows 10's multitasking feature is getting downgraded

In 2018, Microsoft introduced a multitasking feature called “Windows Timeline” that lets you see a timeline of activities that you performed in Windows 10 including the webpages you visited, documents you created/opened, photos you added, and more. Windows Timeline, which can be accessed using Win+Tab shortcut, logs and organizes activities that you do on your PC and lets you sync the contents to other devices. For example, you can start a task (open webpage or document) on one device (for example a PowerPoint presentation), and switch devices and continue your project from where you left off. With Windows 10 Sun Valley Update, Microsoft is dropping support for cross-device sync in

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 just got a killer multitasking upgrade

Samsung’s One UI 3.0 interface based on Android 11 arrived at the same time as the new Galaxy S21 releases last month. But Samsung isn’t done with its software updates, and this time foldable phones are the big beneficiaries. The One UI 3.1 update is out, and landing on Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. That’s noteworthy because Samsung says the latest update has a number of improvements specifically aimed at its foldable devices. Among the highlights for foldable phone users are improvements to Multi-Active Windows, a multitasking function. You use Multi-Active Windows to run multiple apps, letting you do things like search for

Windows 10 is getting new multitasking features with Sun Valley update

With Windows 10 Sun Valley update, there will be even more ways to multitask with multiple windows, especially if you’ve multiple monitor setup. It also appears that there’ll be at least one new multitasking feature for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. The new multitasking features are part of the “Snap-based task group”. This includes a new feature where you can drag app windows to “corners” of the screen and they’ll automatically resize to fit perfectly, side by side, so you can easily use multiple apps. While the ability to snap two windows side-by-side has always been a part of Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft is taking this a step further