Samsung unveils 34-inch Odyssey OLED G8 ultra-wide gaming monitor

PC gamers know how great a curved monitor can be. These displays create a superior gaming experience, allowing the game-player to be immersed in the gameplay. Not to mention, a curved monitor appears very attractive when sitting on a desk — it simply looks cool. Today, Samsung unveils one of the most beautiful curved displays ever. Called “Odyssey OLED G8,” this 34-inch OLED monitor features a 3,440 x 1,440 QHD resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, 175Hz refresh, 0.1ms response, and AMD FreeSync Premium compatibility. And yes, there is RGB lighting on the rear, because… gaming! Believe it or not, Odyssey OLED G8 even has integrated streaming support for both video and

Samsung Odyssey Ark Hands-On: So Absurd, It's Awesome

Samsung Odyssey Ark Hands-On: So Absurd, It’s Awesome Samsung brought its recently unveiled Odyssey Ark PC monitor to IFA 2022 and shocked onlookers aplenty. It’s one thing to read about this giant display — experiencing it firsthand is something entirely different. This is a display that is so gigantic, it has its own solar-powered remote control pad. It’s like a standard remote control for a television, but it also allows the viewer to physically adjust the angle of the display — a move that can also be automated. While you’ll most likely be using this monitor in standard landscape mode as a single massive screen, you can also initiate “cockpit

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch monitor initial review: Who is this for?

When Samsung unveiled the Odyssey Arc gaming monitor it looked a little bit like the endpoint of curved monitors – a screen so huge that it would basically become your entire field of view if seated at a desk. Upcoming PC games: The best new games to look forward to It’s maximalist in its ethos and sitting down in front of it at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne (where Samsung launched the 990 Pro SSD), we were equal parts impressed and baffled. This is a superb gaming monitor in many ways, but an absurd one in some key regards. Size matters 55-inch display, horizontal or vertical orientations 1000R curvature Ark Dial

Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R curved monitor is good option for pro gamers

High-end gamers need everything top-notch. For instance, the monitor. Monitors will high-quality panels, high refresh rates, and gaming-centric features are all the rage among them. Joining the list of such monitors is the new Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R. It is a 4K monitor with a curved display navigating a game feels more natural. The monitor has interesting features, such as a height-adjustable stand (HAS). It also has four speakers, so you can avoid installing a soundbar for high-quality audio. First previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the new Samsung Odyssey Ark 1000R will initially be available in the US. Samsung has not said whether it will bring the new

HP Omen 27c review: A Samsung Odyssey G7 challenger approaches

  The HP Omen 27c isn’t a terrible monitor, but you can do much better for similar money Pros Interesting designImmersive 1000R curvatureBright, impactful 240Hz panelCons No local dimmingHeavy motion blur/ghostingCompetition offers better value Whether HP will admit it or not, the Omen 27c is gunning for the crown currently held by Samsung’s indomitable Odyssey G7. It’s a vaunted position: the Odyssey G7 has been our favourite gaming monitor overall since its launch and is only becoming a more appealing prospect as its price slowly creeps downwards. It certainly has a fight on its hands, then, but can this 1440p, 240Hz curved gaming monitor prove as versatile an all-rounder as

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review: A stunning HDR gaming monitor

  Pros Phenomenal HDR performanceAccurate, responsive panelHuge screenCons Staggeringly expensiveUnderequipped with portsLarge and heavy The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a monster. Measuring 49in from corner to corner, it arrived on my doorstep in a box big enough to sleep in. Once I’d put the G9 together and heaved it cautiously onto my desk, the sheer size of the screen left me at a loss for words. At the time of writing, I have two other 27in gaming monitors in for testing, and the Odyssey Neo G9 dwarfs both by a vast margin. On paper, this appears to be the ultimate gaming monitor. The Neo G9 is the successor to

Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 Model Could Be The First Monitor To Don The VESA DisplayHDR 2000 Certification

The impressive Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor was first released in 2020 and impressed many people with its high-quality 49-inch curved panel. Last month, Samsung announced the updated 2021 model of the Odyssey G9, and with a recent Taobao listing, more information has come out. The Samsung Odyssey G9 Will Feature A Quantum MiniLED Panel, A 240Hz Refresh Rate, & G-Sync Support In the original announcement, Samsung confirmed a few details including that the Odyssey G9 would feature a Quantum MiniLED panel. A Samsung spokesperson said: In 2020, the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor generated a lot of buzz—this year, Samsung is leveling up the experience with a Quantum MiniLED display

Samsung Odyssey G9 review: 49in of glorious gaming glamour

  A spectacularly good ultrawide monitor – just make sure your desk is big enough before you buy Pros Huge amount of desktop spaceDramatic 1000R curveImpressive HDR performanceCons Very big and heavy Time was that 49in was considered big for a TV, let alone a computer monitor, yet that’s exactly the size of Samsung’s latest curved ultrawide screen, the Odyssey G9. As I sit before it writing this review I have to turn my head nearly 45-degrees to the left and the right in order to take in its full width and, with application windows arrayed across its full width, there’s a huge amount of desktop space to play with.

Super Mario Odyssey review

In a year when Nintendo has launched a new concept in game consoles alongside editions of its most treasured series, Zelda and Mario, it’s been tempting to draw a line between the two games and dare to hope that Super Mario Odyssey could be as bracing a reinvention as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The narrative of Switch’s launch year asserts itself: it is a time of rebirth at Nintendo, when conventions are swept aside and we can experience the magic as if for the first time. Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Reviewed on Switch Availability: Out on 27th October This is not a hope that Super