How to hide an Amazon order from your purchase history

Amazon keeps track of all your orders and lists them on the Your Orders history page. From here, you can reference your purchases, return items, leave feedback, and more. However, there are situations when you might want to hide some orders from this area. For example, you may not want your spouse to see the gift you have ordered for them. Or you may like to prevent sensitive purchases from coming to people’s attention with whom you have shared your Amazon account details, like your spouse, kids, or siblings. If you’re in a situation where you need to make a purchased item disappear from your order history, here’s how to

How to Restore Alphabetical Order of Show Applications App Grid in Ubuntu 22.04

Messed up the app list in ‘Show Applications’ menu in Ubuntu 22.04? It’s easy to restore the original alphabetical ordering. In Gnome, user can either click the 3×3 9-dots icon on dock or press Super (Windows logo key) + A on keyboard to open the ‘Start Menu’. The GNOME Desktop ‘Start Menu’ App icons in that menu (definitely screen) support drag and drop re-arranging position. However, there’s no option to restore the app order. To deal with the issue, user can either use the hidden configuration key or install an extension to do the trick in Ubuntu 22.04. Option 1: Single command to restore app grid order Press Ctrl+Alt+T on

New Galaxy Books now available for order through Samsung

Samsung’s new laptops have similar names but cover a wide range of workflows. What you need to know The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, Galaxy Book2 Pro, Galaxy Book2 360, and Galaxy Book2 Business are now available for order. All of the laptops feature 12th Gen Intel processors, FHD webcams, The Galaxy Book2 Business has a taller 16:10 display and a 12th Gen Intel vPro CPU. Pricing for the new Galaxy Books starts at $1,050. Samsung announced four new Galaxy Book laptops earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. All of the new devices are available to order starting today. The lineup includes two convertibles, a traditional clamshell PC, and

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 now available for order, order it today to avail $180 Samsung Credit

Samsung last week announced the new Galaxy Book Pro laptop and Galaxy Book Pro 360 2-in-1 with ultra-thin design, latest 11th gen Intel processors, AMOLED display and more. Both these devices are now available for order in the US. When you order these devices from Samsung, you can now get a $180 Samsung Credit which can be used to buy accessories. You can find the deal here. Amazon is offering a $100 gift card when you buy Galaxy Book Pro from them. Find the deal here. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s

Surface Pro LTE now available for order from Microsoft Store Online

Surface Pro LTE was made available to commercial customers in several countries earlier this month. This device is now available for order from Microsoft Store Online in the US. Surface Pro with LTE Advanced offers Cat 9 speed and supports 20 LTE frequency bands, making the most of the mobile network. The versatile laptop comes in two different configurations: The i5 Intel Core processor, 128 GB SSD and 4 GB RAM is available at a price of $1,149. The model with i5 Intel Core processor, 256 GB of SSD storage and 8 GB of RAM costs $1,149. Only the 256GB/8GB configuration is now available on stock from the online store,

Surface Laptop with 1TB SSD now available for order

As we reported last month, the top-of-the-line Surface Laptop is now available for order from Microsoft Store. This Surface Laptop model comes with the Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Unfortunately, you will be able to order this laptop only in boring Platinum color. At just 2.76 pounds, Surface Laptop fits easily in your bag, provides all-day battery life, and has a powerful Intel Core processor to handle demanding desktop programs. You can read our full review of this laptop here. Surface Laptop highlights: Sleek, elegant design Luxurious Alcantara material-covered keyboard Ultra-thin and light laptop fits easily in your bag Breeze through tasks with a powerful Intel

Order an iPhone X Case From Pad & Quill for a Chance to Win a Free 256GB iPhone X

With just about one month to go before the release of the iPhone X on November 3, Pad & Quill today announced a notable giveaway that will deliver a brand new 256GB iPhone X to its winner. At launch, the 256GB model will cost $1,149 in the United States. To enter for a chance to win, you’ll have to order an iPhone X case made by Pad & Quill before October 25, and afterwards you’ll be automatically entered into the iPhone X contest. Note that only United States residents 18 years or older are eligible to enter. The Bella Fino iPhone X Wallet Case There are six iPhone X cases

Azure Stack systems now ready to order from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo

Microsoft today announced that they have delivered the first release version of Azure Stack to its partners. Microsoft’s partners like HPE, Lenovo and Dell EMC will ship their integrated systems with Azure Stack in September. Microsoft also mentioned that Huawei and Cisco will also launch their Azure Stack systems in the near future. In its first release, Azure Stack includes a core set of Azure services, DevOps tooling, and Azure Marketplace content. Azure Stack has two deployment options: Azure Stack integrated systems – These are multi-server systems meant for production use, and are designed to get you up and running quickly. Depending upon your hardware preferences, you can choose integrated

Guild Wars 2 Monitored All Running Process in Order To Ban Users

Source: ArenaNet While nobody likes a cheater in online games, sometimes how a company monitors and bans cheaters can go wrong. Such is the case with a recent ban fest unleashed by ArenaNet for their Guild Wars 2 game, which used a program that monitored all processes running on a computer for blacklisted programs. It all started on April 12th when Chris Cleary, the Fraud, Risk, Analytics and Game Security Lead for ArenaNet, posted on Twitter some comments that are now known to be related to ArenaNet beginning their mass ban. These tweets have since been removed, but you can see an image below that someone posted to Reddit. Deleted