How to link two HomePod speakers to create a stereo pair

Learn how to pair two HomePod or two HomePod mini speakers, creating a stereo pair that provides a better home theatre audio experience. Can two HomePods be paired together? Yes, Apple permits you to pair two HomePod or HomePod mini speakers to create a stereo-like configuration to boost your home theatre audio experience. What you can’t do is mix two different speakers like a HomePod and a HomePod mini to create a stereo pair. Read: How to change the default HomePod music service Apple’s computational audio is intelligent enough to take advantage of a HomePod stereo pair to create left and right audio channels. Suddenly, your soundstage when experiencing multi-channel

How to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds

  Pairing your Skullcandy wireless earbuds with an Android or iOS device or a laptop is a pretty straightforward process. Still, there might be a few things you’ll miss along the way, so here’s our guide to help you get everything connected. Before you can connect to any device, you need to put your earbuds into pairing mode. This is usually done by removing them from the case, removing them from the case and then putting them back in, opening the case, or using a pairing button. Check your product’s documentation if you’re not sure how to activate pairing mode. QUICK ANSWER On an Android device, open Settings > Bluetooth

What is Google Fast Pair and how does it work?

When Apple introduced the AirPods, people were blown away by the effortless pairing between the iPhone, iPad or Mac and the wireless earbuds. Simply open the case for the first time and a handy pop-up graphic appears on screen letting you pair really easily. It’s not the only company to work on such an interface however. Google has also created a feature called Fast Pair for Bluetooth devices. The tech giant calls it a “hassle-free process to pair your Bluetooth devices on all supported Android devices”. It was a little clunky to begin with and not widely supported, but in 2022 it’s getting a major update. What is Google Fast

How to Pair an Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Pairing a primary or a secondary remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick is extremely easy. You basically hold down a button on your remote and your remote connects to your Stick. We’ll show you how to do just that. Your Fire TV Stick allows you to pair up to seven remotes. To add more than seven, you’ll have to remove a few of the paired ones first. Pair a Primary Remote With Your Fire TV Stick If you haven’t already paired a remote with your Fire TV Stick, it’s easy to pair your first remote with your device as follows. To ensure you don’t encounter any pairing issues, unplug

Rode NTH-100 is company's first pair of professional headphones

Rode – the company famous for its microphones – has stepped into a new product category: headphones. The NTH-100 is its first pair of over-ear headphones, with the product aimed at content creators, podcasters, or anyone who wants a well-balanced pair of wired cans. The company says it’s been working on these headphones for years and, from an outsider perspective, it’s certainly one of those things that makes sense. After all, Rode is an audio company, it should have headphones. Having spent the past couple of years building out its offering of products for streamers and recording artist with multi-channel mixers, arms and lots of new microphones, it’s completing the

How to pair and set up your new Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch is a powerful wearable that is famous for its fitness and other non-health related features. When you buy an Apple Watch, you’re investing in a device that will simplify (and potentially even save) your life. The Series 7 is the latest and most advanced model sold by the company. It comes with a larger display, longer battery life, and better durability. If you’ve just bought one, you must be wondering how and where to start. Here are the detailed steps to pair and set up your new Apple Watch Series 7. How to pair and set up your new Apple Watch Series 7 Start by turning on

PlayStation announce a pair of new Marvel games

During their recent 2021 Showcase, PlayStation announced not one, but two upcoming Marvel games to look forward to. Marvel’s Wolverine was the first to be announced, being revealed in a very brief trailer that showed the aftermath of one hell of a bar brawl with the titular clawed Canadian. The brief reveal trailer didn’t give away much in terms of details about the game, but considering it’s about Wolverine, we should expect some truly visceral combat with Sony promising some “cutting-edge gameplay” in their announcement blog post. No release window has been announced for Marvel’s Wolverine just yet, but we have at least been told it’s “in development for PlayStation

How to pair the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 with your device

Samsung just launched the new Galaxy Buds 2 at Unpacked, the latest true wireless earbuds from the tech giant. With dynamic two-way speakers and three levels of ambient sound control, these are some of the best wireless earbuds out there. If you recently picked up the Galaxy Buds 2 with your new Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s time to pair them up. In this article, we’ll walk through how to pair your Galaxy Buds 2 with all of your favorite devices. Your earbuds can connect to Bluetooth devices for streaming music or making calls. You’ll get the best experience when using the Galaxy Wearable app

Razer launches an affordable pair of low-latency wireless earbuds

Razer on Tuesday announced a pair of new wireless earphones. Dubbed Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X, the latest buds are optimized for gaming and carry an affordable price tag. As you would expect from Razer, the new earphones sport flashy exteriors with a gaming appeal. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X have a semi-open design similar to the first-gen AirPods. They are essentially the same as the Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds launched in 2019 but come with a different charging case and seem to lack an IP rating. Each earcup features a 13mm custom-tuned dynamic driver and delivers punchy bass, clear highs, and mids. The buds feature LED-lit touch controls