How to change the size and position of your Dock on a Mac

Apple computers are solid, future-proof machines for productivity, entertainment, studies, and more. The expanding family of great Macs includes plenty of diverse options that cater to plenty of different needs and budgets. If you’re on an even tighter budget, you could also buy refurbished MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. To make the most out of your Apple computer, you have to customize it to fit your exact needs. These customizations include tweaking the system settings, creating relevant desktops for different use cases, etc. Many people dislike having their application Dock at the bottom of their Mac screens. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to change the size and

Can We Change The Clock’s Position On Windows 10/11 Lock Screen?

  The lock screen in Windows 11 and Windows 10 looks very similar. The only noticeable difference is the position of the clock and the date on the screen. In Windows 11, the clock shows up at the top-center of the lock screen, whereas in Windows 10, the clock appears at the bottom left of the screen. Besides that, the font used for the date and clock is different in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Both Windows 11 and 10 offer multiple options to personalize the lock screen. For example, you can change the background, set a Bing featured picture as the lock screen background (called Windows spotlight), and choose

Improving Your Organic Position On Google: A How-To Guide For Small Businesses

In the U.S., only 49% of small businesses invest in search engine optimization (SEO). That means more than half of them are leaving traffic, customers, and revenue on the table by not improving their organic position on Google. When you run a small business, especially one that’s brick and mortar, it can be hard to conceptualize the buyer’s journey to your business. Although word-of-mouth is still a popular form of marketing, it’s not the only way customers will find you. More often than not, they’re using Google searches to research the businesses they plan to buy from long before they make it into a store or the checkout page on

How to Find a Value’s Position With MATCH in Microsoft Excel

When you need to find a value’s exact position in your spreadsheet, you can use the MATCH function in Excel. This saves you from manually searching for the location that you may need for reference or another formula. The MATCH function is often used with the INDEX function as an advanced lookup. But here, we’ll walk through how to use MATCH on its own to find a value’s spot. What Is the MATCH Function in Excel? The MATCH function in Excel searches for a value in the array, or range of cells, that you specify. For instance, you might look up the value 10 in the cell range B2 through

Change ‘Activities’, App Menu, Data & Time Position in Ubuntu 21.10 via Extension

Want to change the position of top-bar items, e.g., Activities button, app menu, date and time, and system tray icons? A Top Bar Organizer extension now is available for Ubuntu 21.04 Gnome 40. With it, you can drag and drop to re-order top panel items as you prefer. For example, moving the Activities button or date & time clock menu to right corner. Install Top Bar Organizer: 1.) Firstly open terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard. When terminal opens, run command to install Gnome extension integration for web browser, as well as Gnome Extension management tool: sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell gnome-shell-extension-prefs 2.) Next go to the extension web page, and

Full Fix: Microsoft Edge window position issues

Part of the multitasking process means having multiple windows on the same screen, resizing and positioning them to fit your flow. What happens when Windows 10 doesn’t remember the window position? We explore some solutions, including updating Windows and Edge to the latest version. Check out Microsoft Edge Issues Hub to find the best troubleshooting articles for it. Get the most out of Microsoft Edge by visiting our section with helpful guides for Edge. Microsoft Edge was introduced in Windows 10 as a default browser, and even though this is a modern browser it has its share of issues. One problem that users reported is that Microsoft Edge doesn’t remember

App Lost Position After Waking from Sleep On Dual Monitor – Windows 10

My main Windows 10 desktop workstation is a dual monitor setup. It’s set to fall into sleep mode automatically when I am not using it for certain period of time. It works quite well most of the time but sometimes after waking up, all previous application’s arrangement would lose their original position prior the sleep to wake cycle. All the applications would re-position themselves to the primary monitor instead of stay at their previous last known positions. If you too notice this, know that this is not the expected behavior. Windows 10 should remember and resume exactly where you left off after sleep and awake cycle. There are a couple

How To Change The Command Prompt Window Position on Desktop on Windows 10?

If you have been using and observing Command Prompt for a while, you must be aware that the Command prompt always opens at a fixed position on the desktop and has a fixed window size. Sometimes, the default window size of the command prompt is either too small or too large. Again, sometimes, the command prompt is not properly positioned on the desktop. Sometimes it is on the center, whereas sometimes, it goes at extreme corners. So re-position the Command Prompt window, check the article. For the latest Builds of Windows 10, you won’t find the Command Prompt by right clicking on the Start Button. You have to press Windows+R

SMPlayer 18.4 Released with Ability to Change OSD Bar Position

SMPlayer media player 18.4.0 was released a few days ago with new feature to change the position of OSD bar. Other than that, the time displayed by a tooltip when the mouse is over the seekbar is now much more accurate. And now it’s possible to turn off the use of the system native file dialog in Preferences -> Interface. How to Install SMPlayer 18.4 in Ubuntu: For Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 18.04, and derivatives, do following steps to install or upgrade SMPlayer via its PPA repository. 1. Search for and launch “terminal” from application launcher. When it opens, run command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer Input your password