How to Set Up an Out of Office Response in Google Calendar

If you’re going to be away for a few hours or on vacation for several days, you can set up an Out of Office message in Google Calendar. This automatically declines new meeting invitations and shows others that you’ll be out. Note: As of June 2022, the Out of Office feature is available to business, educational, and paid Google Workspace accounts. Set an Out of Office in Google Calendar for Desktop Visit the Google Calendar website and sign in. You can then create an Out of Office in two ways. Click “Create” on the top left of your calendar and choose “Out of Office.” Select the date and time on

Instagram is working on a voice response feature for Stories

Instagram keeps adding new features to the leading photo-sharing app almost every week or so. The upcoming feature that might make it to Instagram is the ability to respond to Instagram stories via voice messages. Instagram Stories to get voice messages support According to developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working upon a feature that allows users to respond to ephemeral type Instagram Stories using voice messages. As of now, you can respond via GIFs, strikers, or text messages, however, the voice message feature remains unavailable when it comes to responding to the stories. Paluzzi was able to reverse-engineer the app to find this feature which may or may not make

Customize Quick Response Messages For Declining Calls in Google Phone App

Google Phone is a default phone app for the Pixel smartphone and also for the Android One smartphones. But other smartphones can also install it from the Google Play Store since Google made it available for free. It comes with a bunch of features including the customizable messages for declining calls and here we have a little guide about it. When you get a call with the Google Phone app as the default phone app, you get to get to decline the call using a reply. That option has a bunch of default messages which you can send to the caller. You can choose from the default ones, or you


Firefox is a reliable browsing solution that scores higher than Chrome in certain areas, such as page download speed. SEC ERROR OCSP FUTURE RESPONSE is one of the most common error codes affecting the browser and in this guide, we will show you how to fix it. If you are interested to read more, in our Troubleshooting section, you will find plenty of articles. Interested in more tips and tricks on how to improve your Windows 10 browsing experience? Check out our Browsers Hub for more guides. Some Firefox users have posted on the Mozilla forum about a SEC ERROR OCSP FUTURE RESPONSE error. This error can occur when users

EA Promises Changes In Response To ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Controversy

Electronic Arts has responded to the complaints of players regarding “Star Wars Battlefront II’s” 40-hour-character-unlocking controversy. The publisher has given an explanation about the controversial system and has also promised changes in light of the numerous complaints. When one player complained on the official “Star Wars Battlefront” subreddit about having to pay $80 to unlock Darth Vader in the game, EA responded with a lengthy post that starts with a justification why it took this path for this aspect of the action shooter video game. “The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes. ” EA then explained that the cost of

AOC to Launch Curved QHD Displays with 0.5 ms Response Time in 2018

In a surprising move, AOC has announced plans to launch a new series of AGON gaming displays with a 0.5 ms response time in Q2 of next year. The displays will be curved, will feature a QHD resolution and will rely on a new TN panel from AU Optronics. The monitors will support adaptive refresh rate technologies from AMD and NVIDIA and will certainly not be cheap. The big question with this announcement is of course how exactly did AUO and AOC manage to decrease the GtG response time of a TN panel to 0.5 ms? So far, AUO has not publicly announced this panel. Moreover, given the striking similarity

Google Anti-Diversity Manifesto Sparks Response From Company's VP Of Diversity

The tech-sphere was abuzz Saturday with news of a manifesto written by a Google employed engineer, which first went viral internally at Google and is now making its rounds on the internet. Motherboard first reported about a 10-page document being shared among Google employees, detailing one engineer’s opinions on diversity at the company. Gizmodo later obtained and published the document in full. Read: Tech Companies As Utilities? Steve Bannon Wants Google, Facebook Heavily Regulated Among his opinions, the Google engineer claimed that the gender pay gap between men and women stems from biological differences between the sexes. He stated that “women on average show a higher interest in people and

Acer Unveils KG1 Displays with Sub-1ms Response Time

Acer Japan has introduced a lineup of gaming displays featuring a response time below 1 ms. The Acer KG1 family includes seven models featuring a 23.6, 24,5 and 27-inch diagonal and set to target different price segments. The Acer KG1 monitors rely on non-glossy Full-HD (1920×1080) TN panels featuring between 0.5 ms and 0.8 ms GtG response times, depending on exact SKU. These are blistering response times, and if the specifications listed here are accurate – and with the grain of salt that monitor response time specifications have historically been overestimated – then we’re talking about panels can finish a grey-to-grey transition in as little as one-fifth the time of

AOC’s Agon Monitors with 0.5ms Response Time & 240 Hz Refresh Now Available

AOC this week started sales of its Agon displays featuring a 0.5 ms response time as well as a 240 Hz refresh rate. Aimed at extreme gamers looking for maximum dynamics and comfort, the new AOC Agon AG271FZ2 and AG251FZ2 support AMD’s FreeSync dynamic refresh rate technology along with AOC’ proprietary enhancements for the audience. AOC’s Agon AG251FZ2 and Agon AG271FZ2 displays are based on 24.5 and 27-inch TN panels featuring a 1920×1080 resolution, 400 nits brightness, a 0.5 ms response time, a dynamic refresh rate of up to 240 Hz with a 48 Hz – 240 Hz FreeSync range over DP and HDMI, featuring low framerate compensation (LFC). See