Google Pay Users in US Can Now Send Money to India, Singapore; Here’s How

Google Pay users in the U.S. can now send money to GPay users in India and Singapore. Google has partnered with cross-border payments firms Western Union and Wise to enable such transactions. Both of these services have integrated their services into Google Pay in the US. This feature is not yet available the other way around. However, Google intends to expand this service worldwide by the end of this year. Also, read | Fix Google Pay Error: Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen Send Money to India, Singapore from US Using GPay When Google Pay users in the U.S. send money to someone in India or

Singapore government bans Zoom as a precautionary measure

Another day, another ban on Zoom. If you have been following news for the past few weeks, you must be already aware of the security and privacy issues around Zoom. Last week, we summarized some of the key issues, you can read it here. Early this week, Taiwan government officially banned the usage of Zoom. The government has asked its agencies to avoid usage of Zoom due to its security flaws. Yesterday, the US Senate became the latest organization to tell its members not to use Zoom. Even Google disabled the usage of Zoom by its employees. The latest news is that Singapore government’s Ministry of Education has banned usage