EVGA and NVIDIA To Split: EVGA Won’t Make Next-Gen NVIDIA Cards

In a move that will have significant repercussions for the video card industry in North America and Europe, EVGA today has announced that the company is parting ways from NVIDIA. As a result, the company will not be producing video cards based on NVIDIA’s next-generation of GPUs – and won’t be immediately switching allegiance to AMD or Intel, either. Consequently, NVIDIA is losing their largest add-in board (AIB) in North America, and the broader North American video card market is losing one of its biggest and best-known vendors. In a brief announcement posted on EVGA’s forums, the company outlined their parting from NVIDIA, while underscoring that this affects the next-generation

How to Split Screen in Windows 10 and 11

Using Windows 10 and Windows 11’s split screen feature, you can use multiple apps at once on your screen. You can pin apps to the sides as well as corners of your screen. We’ll show you how to use this productive Windows feature. There are two ways you can split the screen on your PC. One way is to drag and drop your app windows, and the other one is to use a keyboard shortcut. We’ll explain how to use both of these methods. Split the Screen on Windows 10 To use two apps at the same time on your screen, then first, launch both your apps. Then, bring the

How to split screen on iPad for efficient multitasking

There was a time when it wasn’t possible to split the screen on your iPad and work on separate apps at the same time, but that all changed when multitasking was introduced in iPadOS 15. Since September 2021, it’s been possible to run two apps side-by-side on iPad, as well as have one app in a floating window alongside another app. Both allow you to work across Notes and Mail for example, or browse Safari, whilst messaging a friend. It’s great for working efficiently, rather than constantly having to jump between apps. Here’s how to split screen on iPad. iPad tips and tricks How to multitask on iPad There are

Why Your Next Keyboard Should Be Fully Split

If you’re like many people in the world, you spend at least part of every day typing on a keyboard. Chances are, you use whatever cheap keyboard you got on sale, and it’s the classic single strip QWERTY layout affair. But I’m here to say: it’s time to switch to a fully split keyboard. We’ve talked a lot about ergonomic keyboards in the past. While a split format keyboard is one facet of ergonomics, I’m not necessarily advocating for a fully ergonomic setup, nor does every ergonomic keyboard have a fully split form factor. If you’re unfamiliar with “fully split” keyboards, picture the average keyboard: then cut it in half

How to split a bill with friends using Facebook Messenger

Meta has introduced a new bill-splitting feature, called Split Payment, in Facebook Messenger. The company started testing the feature in the US at the end of 2021. Now, it’s rolling out to all Facebook Messenger users, which should make it easier to divvy up a utility bill with roommates, for instance, or split a restaurant or bar tab with friends. You can ask people for money – directly in a group chat – and then even see who has paid their portion of the bill. “If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared household expenses, or even the monthly rent, it’s about to get

4nm Snapdragon 895 series production to be split between Samsung and TSMC

Qualcomm is already working on its next-generation Snapdragon 800 series processor. It has been reported that the new chipset will be called the Snapdragon 895. Details of its production have now surfaced. Reliable Chinese leaker, Ice Universe, has revealed that the Snapdragon 895 will be a 4nm chipset and it will be manufactured by Samsung. There will also be a Snapdragon 895 Plus/Snapdragon 895+ which should launch in the second half of 2022 and will be manufactured by TSMC. It is interesting to see that Qualcomm is moving to a smaller node size just a year after making the move from 7nm to 5nm. However, that isn’t to say it

Qpdf Tools – Beginner’s Tool to Compress, Split, Merge, Rotate PDF in Ubuntu

Working with PDF files regularly in Ubuntu Linux? QPDF Tools is a nifty tool to manage your PDF documents. It’s a free and open-source software, easy to use Qt based user interface for Ghostscript and Stapler, with ability to compress, split, merge and rotate your pdf documents. The main window is simple and works with 4 buttons. Click the action you want to do for the PDF documents. Then select the PDF along with a few options and click the button to go. The Compress a PDF file option will change the resolution for printing, Ebooks, or screen optimized. It also reduce the file size depends on the option you

How To Enable Windows Up/Down to Split Apps on Vertical Monitor

By default, Windows + arrow key left or right turn a selected window snap to the screen’s right or left. If you press Window + Up or Down,it will resize the selected window to a focused window or full-screen window size. This all works great for monitors positioned horizontally, but for the vertical monitor, you most likely want the screen to split your app top or bottom of the screen instead of left and right. Without any modification or addon to Windows, there is no magic to split the window evenly between two apps and share half of the entire screen on a vertically positioned monitor. Thanks to Microsoft’s own

How to Split the Screen on a Chromebook

It has never been easier to multitask on Chromebooks, thanks to the Split Screen feature. In this guide, we’ll walk you through four different ways to split the screen on your Chromebook to accommodate two apps simultaneously. You’ll also find some extra tips and tricks that’ll help you get the best out of the Split Screen functionality on your Chromebook. Method 1: From the Overview Screen The Show windows key is located at the F5 spot on your keyboard. It’s the key with a rectangle and two horizontal lines to the right. Pressing the button displays the Chrome Overview mode where you’ll find all open apps, windows, and desktops on