Microsoft Claims Windows 10 S A Ransomware Free Windows System

In a white paper “Next-gen ransomware protection with Windows 10 Creators Update” that provides a deeper level of the technical details on the ransomware protection in Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft claims that By allowing only verified apps to run, Windows 10 S protects devices against malware, ransomware, and other similar attacks. According to Microsoft, … Read more

iPhone 8 To Get LG Facial Recognition System Module For 3D Front-Facing Camera

LG Innotek, a unit of LG group, will supply 3D facial recognition modules for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, Korea Economic Daily reported Thursday. Apple and LG Innotek got together last year to develop the first-ever 3D facial recognition camera, which will be used for “a variety of applications from biometric authentication to games,” the report … Read more

Nvidia Multi-User VR Environment showcased at GTC 2017

Nvidia is currently showcasing various technologies at the GPU Technology Conference (600+ sessions, running from 8-11th May). It is blogging about various highlights from the conference, predominantly with an eye on deep learning and AI, but I noticed a particularly interesting VR development from Nvidia concerning Multi-User VR systems. We have seen some good progress … Read more

NASA Will Launch Telescope To Search For Alien Life In Other Solar Systems

NASA is giving a telescope its final tests in a freezing cold vacuum before the massive thing launches into outer space to unlock the mysteries of how our universe formed after the bing bang and whether planets outside our solar system have alien life. “To ensure the telescope’s optics will operate at its frigid destination … Read more