MINISFORUM EliteMini HX90 is a tiny Windows 11-ready PC with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX

MINISFORUM is a computer manufacturer that has been gaining a lot of fans lately. Its PCs are looked upon favorably by many consumers that like the diminutive desktop form factor. Not only are its computers well-made and small, but often quite powerful too. These machines can be good servers, retro-gaming machines, office workstations, home theater PCs, and more. Many MINISFORUM computers are powered by capable Intel processors, but understandably, AMD fans want to get in on the small desktop action too. I am happy to say MINISFORUM does cater to those that prefer AMD. In fact, the company does have several AMD-powered options. Today, MINISFORUM launches its latest desktop, and

The New Raspberry Pi 400 is Basically a Tiny Computer Inside a Keyboard

Raspberry Pi needs no introduction. What started as a low-spec computer for DIY enthusiasts, it can now be used as full-featured desktop. With the Raspberry Pi 400 release, they are making it more friendly for home computer usage. The Raspberry Pi 400 is basically a computer in the form of a keyboard. If you remember, Commodore 64 was also a computer in the form of a keyboard back in 1982. Even though it isn’t unique, for a successful product like Raspberry Pi, it is a sweet deal. Raspberry Pi 400: Overview It is based on the Raspberry Pi 4 (with 4 GB RAM) and has been tweaked to run cooler

Razer Seiren Mini USB mic review — Tiny, affordable, and excellent

Razer’s Seiren Mini USB microphone is an excellent entry-level option for anyone looking to improve their audio quality. This mic is available now for $50, and as the name suggests, it is a tiny version of its Seiren mics. And while it does skimp out on many features to shrink both its profile and price, it doesn’t come up short on sound. The Seiren Mini sounds nearly as good as USB microphones that cost three- or four-times as much. Combined with its small size, that makes it ideal for anyone getting started creating audio or video content. If you are looking to upgrade from that headset mic you’re using now,

Windows 10 October 2020 Update is so tiny that it’ll download instantly

Windows 10 October 2020 Update will begin rolling out to consumers sometime next month, but you can already install the update if you’re willing to join the Windows Insider program. While the feature update is expected to begin rolling out next month, Microsoft won’t begin force-feeding 20H2 to users until next year, when it begins upgrading machines reaching the end of support, such as version 1903 or version 1909. On consumer PCs, you’ll be able to download and install the update via Update & Security > Windows Update. In the update page, you need to click on ‘Download and install’ button, and the update won’t be forced on your device

ECS Launches Tiny LIVA Q1 Series Mini PC

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the global leading motherboard, Mini-PC, Notebooks, mobile device and smart city solutions provider, is pleased to announce the pocket-size yet multi-functional mini PC – LIVA Q1D/Q1L. Aiming at the growing demand of stay at home application, LIVA Q1 series provide smart solutions for work/study from home device and home entertainment. In addition, LIVA Q1 series is ideal for digital signage, thin-client or Terminal applications in versatile use-cases, including indoor displays for public facilities such as schools or libraries, healthcare, hospitality, business and retail. LIVA Q1D/Q1L are build-in an ultra-power-efficient Intel® Pentium®/ Celeron® processors , equipped with 32/64 GB eMMC and a microSD slot to expand storage

Garmin teamed up with Amazon to make a tiny Echo Dot for your car

At a recent Amazon event, the company announced BMW would integrate Alexa into its 2018 models. It’s no secret that Amazon wants to stick Alexa anywhere and everywhere it can, and BMW is only the beginning. The latest company to announce a collaboration with Amazon is Garmin: the wearable and navigation device manufacturer revealed the new Garmin Speak today, a small disk-like device that installs on your windshield and brings Alexa voice commands into your car. Describing the Garmin Speak device as “disk-like” is the polite way of drawing a comparison between it and Amazon’s Echo Dot speaker. Essentially, the Garmin Speak is a smaller, 1.5-inch-wide version of the Echo

The Ridiculously Tiny Rock64 Single-Board Computer Runs 4K video At 60fps, More Than The Raspberry Pi

  The pioneer of single-board computers (SBCs) is the Raspberry Pi, a pocket computer in a tiny plate that was originally created to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools, but later it became so popular that its developers, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, started selling it outside of its target market, and now the Raspberry Pi is going after its third version, The Raspberry Pi 3 model B. Since then we have witnessed some manufactures launch similar devices, but none has had the acceptance of the Raspberry Pi, probably because they weren’t so good or didn’t offer anything new or better. But now, it seems that some real

The Tiny And Cheap ‘Raspberry Pi’ Computer Wins UK’s Top Engineering Award

The team behind the tiny cheap ‘Raspberry Pi’ computers has been awarded the UK’s top engineering prize – The Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Prize, at a ceremony in London last night, beating the two other finalists, cyber-security firm Darktrace and radiotherapy pioneers Vision RT. The tiny Raspberry Pi computer without a case The award was given to the Raspberry Pi because of the role it played in helping to re-invent computing. “With a very small team of engineers, Raspberry Pi has redefined home computing for many thousands of people across the world,” one of the award judges, Dr. Frances Saunders, said. Designed to help inspire more young people to

How To Host Your Own RSS System On Linux With Tiny Tiny RSS

Though many people presume it to be dead, RSS is still a big thing. Many people still rely on the RSS protocol to deliver news articles, updates on websites, and even multimedia items like videos and podcasts. There are many ways to keep track of RSS subscriptions: from desktop clients, to email subscriptions and mobile apps that aggregate subscriptions into a “newspaper-like” experience. These solutions are nice, but they have a downside: third-party RSS delivery services can go away just like Google Reader did. So, if you’re an RSS fan and a Linux user, it’s just better if host your own RSS system on Linux. That’s why in this tutorial,