How to change File Type on Windows 11/10

Every file on our PC has a file type. For audio files, it might be MP3, for documents it might be Docx or pdf, for videos it might be mp4, Mkv, etc. Each category of file type has many numbers of file formats according to their compression level or other factors. The programs recognize the files by their format and open them. If you are wondering how to change file type on Windows 11/10, this guide is for you. How to change File Type on Windows 11/10 If you want to change the file type or format on Windows 11/10, the following methods can help you. By renaming the file

How to type Æ, €, #, @, © and more special characters on a Mac

  Whether you have just switched from a PC to a Mac and have discovered that the ” and @ keys aren’t where you were expecting, or you are having to type some unusual characters or accents on your Mac keyboard, we are here to help. The location of the characters may depend on where you are based in the world: keyboard layout differs by country, with certain characters getting more prominence on the keyboards of the people who use them more. You’ll find QWERTY keyboards for English speakers, while French speakers get a AZERTY keyboard, Germans get QWERTZ, for example. American and UK keyboards have a number of surprising

3 Ways to Check RAM Type, Storage Speed, CPU Peak Frequency on Any Android Phone

If you are an Android user and want to know the true potential of your phone. There are three elements you need to check the performance of, i.e., RAM, Storage, and CPU. We have already covered 3 ways to check RAM type and speed of your Android phone. and today we will be checking out ways to Storage Type, and CPU of your phone. 3 Ways to RAM, Storage, and CPU in any Android Phone Smartphones have become advanced over time that we can do pretty much most tasks without looking for a laptop or pc. Such tasks require a faster CPU, RAM, Storage. Sometimes a smartphone manufacturer doesn’t mention

Melty Blood: Type Lumina Gets New Gameplay Trailer Introducing Arcueid Brunestud

Type-moon released a brand new trailer of its upcoming fighting game Melty Blood: Type Lumina, which will soon be released worldwide. The trailer focuses on one of the playable characters, Arcueid Brunestud, showing her in gameplay action alongside her powerful moves. You can check it out below alongside an official description of the character from the developer. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube A royal member of the vampire race known as the True Ancestors. After suffering through a traumatic event, a naively innocent side of her was somehow released. She now lives as a free-spirited, almost childish, princess. She

ADATA announces ICFP301 CFexpress Type B memory card

If you are into photography, you have probably seen many types of memory cards over the years, such as CompactFlash, Memory Stick, and Secure Digital (SD). I recall owning an Olympus camera that used the now-defunct xD, but I digress. One of the most cutting-edge memory cards these days is CFexpress, thanks to its blazing fast read and write speeds. It is used by high-end cameras, such as the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR. Today, ADATA announces the ICFP301 card, which is a Type B variant of CFexpress. While very fast, it should prove rather durable too, as it is technically designed for industrial applications. “Implementing the PCIe Gen3x2

Get Text Suggestions as you type globally when using Windows 10

Most computer users come into contact with automatic suggestions when they type in the browser’s address bar. The browser may display search term suggestions based on the user’s input. Some programs may also provide suggestions, but did you know that Windows 10 comes with options to enable suggestions globally on the system? You get three suggestions whenever you start to type in any program, e.g. in the Firefox web browser, the classic Notepad text editor, or Microsoft Word. The feature is not exactly new, as it has been a part of Windows 10 for a long time. It is not enabled by default, for reasons discussed later in this guide,

How To Set Default App File Type Associations in Command Line on Windows 10

In the pre-Windows 8 eras, the default app can be set for a file type by manipulating the registry, which means you could craft a script and execute via the command line to change default apps. But the registry trick no longer works since Windows 8, since Windows introduces a hash to verify the change. So, if you still would like to update the default app via a command line because it’s much more flexible, here is a free replacement for you. Kolbicz, an IT consultant out in Switzerland, reverse engineered the hash algorithm and wrote a command-line tool, SetUserFTA, that lets you set up default apps based on per-user

How to Use Voice to Type Text on Android

Android smartphones make your life very easy but the more we get the more we desire. Typing texts on Android smartphones is really easy, you can use the virtual keyboard or even a physical keyboard if you have one. But if you are still busy enough that you cannot tap your fingers on the screen, there is one more way to type; your voice. Yes, you can just use voice to type text on Android. Yes, you can type whatever you want on your smartphone using your speech. This is just like the voice assistant reading messages for you. You can use speech to text anywhere on the whole interface

LUXA2 Introduces the EnerG Bar 65W Wall Type Universal Notebook Charger

Thermaltake Mobile – LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, announces the EnerG Bar 65W Wall Type Universal Notebook Charger, the latest notebook adapter addition to the EnerG Bar series product line. It is a compact, slim, and lightweight power adapter for your essential notebook; and is compatible with 99% of laptop devices on the market. It comes in a sleek and minimalist design for high portability and easy storage, coupled with the latest in power technology, it provides high reliability, power conversion efficiency, over-current, charge, voltage, temperature and short-circuit protection for maximum safety. The EnerG Bar 65W Wall Type Universal Notebook Charger is available in three