Intel wants to help make Windows play friendly with both Android and iOS

Eric Zeman / Android AuthorityTL;DR Intel is working on an app that will allow Android and iOS users to connect their phones to Windows PCs. The app will allow your PC to do everything from making calls to receiving notifications. Intel expects the app to launch on 12th Gen Evo systems from Acer, HP, and Lenovo PCs this holiday season and will expand to 13th Gen Mobile processors and Evo designs in 2023. Have you ever wished that your computer and phone could work seamlessly together? There are some solutions out there like Microsoft’s Phone Link, but they are severely limited. Intel is currently working on a more comprehensive solution

Windows 11: Microsoft wants to take down the iPad with a new ‘tablet-optimized’ taskbar

With Windows 11, Microsoft is still hoping to take on the iPad and the company has decided to go ahead with a new feature that would make the taskbar more tablet-friendly. This change could sacrifice some existing taskbar functionality in favour of a chunky but touch-friendly look for those using tablets. Apple’s iPad series started with a simple operating system that eventually got better with frequent updates. On the other hand, Microsoft has been trying to bridge the gap between tablets and desktops for the past several years. While Windows 8 tablet efforts failed, Microsoft isn’t willing to give up on the idea of ‘Windows for tablet’. Microsoft recently released

Stray review: Everybody wants to be a cat

It’s refreshing when an unlikely game lights the world up with a trailer and suddenly finds itself the centre of huge interest – and that’s what Stray achieved when it was unveiled alongside the PS5 in mid-2020. The sheer novelty that you play as a cat may account for some of that, but its visual flair and mysterious story played their part, too. Best upcoming PS5 games: PlayStation titles to anticipate Fast forward two years, Stray is finally here. But was it worth the wait? We’ve been playing through it in order to find out. A decaying world Stray opens with a lovely vignette, sampling the life of a ginger

The Noveto "Invisible Headphones" Everyone Wants Will Never Arrive

The idea of an “invisible” pair of headphones sounds too good to be true. But in fact, we tested such a product at CES 2022—the Noveto N1 speaker. It uses beamforming technology to create pockets of sound around a listener’s ears, providing privacy and comfort without headphones. Unfortunately, you’ll never get to try this speaker. Two months ago, the company behind Noveto N1 quietly slipped into insolvency. It no longer provides updates to Kickstarter backers, who demand refunds but receive no answers. And here’s the frustrating thing; Noveto N1 probably wasn’t a scam. Noveto N1 Was the Darling of CES 2022 Nearly every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts

Netflix wants to tackle password sharing by charging users an additional fee to buy additional Homes

Netflix is testing a new way to tackle the password sharing problem. The streaming service is introducing, Netflix Homes, an additional fee that users may have to pay, if they are sharing their account with others. This isn’t the first time the streaming service has complained about the problem, it did so last year too. A few months ago, Netflix claimed that it was “losing money” because many users opted to share the account that they paid for, with their family and friends. In March 2022, the company announced its intention to tackle this problem by allowing users to add extra members to their account. The tests began for users

Google reportedly still wants to bring face unlock to the Pixel 6 Pro

When the Google Pixel 6 series launched, there was one noticeable aspect of the device that stood out like a sore thumb. The fingerprint sensor was fairly lackluster to everyone that used it, and there was no face unlock either. While marketing material that leaked prior to launch suggested that face unlock would at least come to the Pixel 6 Pro, there was no sign of it on launch day. Now, a report from 9to5Google (citing a source) suggests that Google is still aiming to bring face unlock to the Pixel 6 Pro, and possibly even as soon as the next Pixel Feature Drop which is scheduled to be released

Microsoft reportedly wants to bring ads to free-to-play Xbox games

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft is reportedly working on a program that will let brands showcase advertisements within free-to-play Xbox games, according to a report from Insider. Sources familiar with the situation told Insider that the ads wouldn’t disrupt gameplay and may appear on a billboard in a racing game, for example. It’s not immediately clear how else Microsoft plans on implementing ads, such as having them show up as avatar skins or as videos inside game lobbies. But as Insider notes, Microsoft is reportedly concerned that the ads could “irritate” players, and is planning on building a “private marketplace” to let only select brands into the

Devialet Dione wants to be the ultimate single-box soundbar

Devialet has announced a high-end soundbar, aiming to deliver the best experience you’ll get from an all-in-one unit. There’s no separate subwoofer, there’s no option to remove speakers or use satellites for surround sound, instead it’s designed to deliver sublime sound while looking great when sitting beneath your TV. Looking good is part of the package – especially considering the Dione’s £1990 asking price – with the main focus being the sphere in the centre of the bar. This is actually the centre channel and it can be rotated, meaning that you can shift the orientation of the centre driver depending on whether the Dione is mounted flat on a

Apple wants to offer its own financial services, possibly for lending

Apple is reportedly not only considering launching a hardware subscription service so you can get the iPhone for a recurring monthly fee, but it’s also even planning to build its own financial services infrastructure. According to Bloomberg, the effort is internally codenamed Breakout, signaling it will help users breakout from the current financial system establishment. The plan is for Apple to offer its own in-house developed technology for “payment processing, risk assessment for lending, fraud analysis, credit checks, and additional customer-service functions such as the handling of disputes”. Such a move would not immediately impact the Apple Card, as Apple might still partner with Goldman Sachs. Instead, Apple is reportedly