Microsoft warns public of ongoing click fraud campaign seen in ads, YouTube comments

Microsoft warned the public of a wide-ranging click fraud campaign, which it attributes to a threat actor tracked as DEV-0796. According to the company, the attackers can monetize the clicks generated by a browser node-webkit or malicious browser extension installed on devices without the users’ knowledge. The tech giant explained in a tweet that the campaign victimizes unknowing users when they click malicious ads or YouTube comments. Doing so will download an ISO file pretending to be game cheats, which, when opened, will install the browser node-webkit (NW.js) or a browser extension that the threat actors need. Microsoft added that they observed the actors using DMG files, an Apple Disk

Microsoft warns Windows 11 latest update issue could prevent desktop sign in

If you’re running into problems since updating Windows 11 with the latest cumulative updates, you’re not alone. Even though Windows 11 version 22H2 is around the corner and is under active development as compared to version 21H2, you may still be experiencing issues on the production device. At this point, most Windows 11 version 21H2 problems have been fixed, but a few issues still appear in cumulative updates. Windows 11 KB5016691, the most recent update, could break desktop sign-in and prevent users from accessing their devices. In a new update to the support document, Microsoft quietly confirmed that devices that rely on Microsoft account for sign-in might run into sign-in

Microsoft warns Windows 10 KB5015878 (July) could break notification area

A bug in Windows 10 KB5015878 (July 2022 optional update) affects the notification area which typically appears in the taskbar. As a result, some users may be unable to switch the input method or language as the notification area bug blocks the language and input bars in the taskbar. KB5015878 is an optional update that won’t download or install automatically on your device unless you manually check for updates, and click on the “Download & Install” button below the clearly worded “optional updates” section. Windows 10 July 2022 optional update comes with a couple of new features. For example, you can now receive important notifications when focus assist is on.

Microsoft warns that new Windows updates may break printing

Microsoft warned that starting with this week’s optional preview updates, temporary mitigation provided one year ago to address Windows Server printing issues on non-compliant devices will be removed, potentially breaking printing. As Redmond explained last year, a known issue might cause print and scan failures on multiple Windows Server versions after installing the July 2021 security updates on Windows domain controllers (DCs). The known issue impacts printers, scanners, and multifunction devices non-compliant with CVE-2021-33764 hardening changes and using smart card (PIV) authentication. “The affected devices are smart card authenticating printers, scanners, and multifunction devices that don’t support either Diffie-Hellman (DH) for key-exchange during PKINIT Kerberos authentication or don’t advertise support

Microsoft warns users: Uninstall Windows 11 KB5012643 if it crashes your apps

Microsoft just fixed the Safe mode issues in Windows 11, but the operating system has apparently hit further problems with the latest cumulative updates. KB5012643, which is an optional update with tons of fixes, is crashing apps that use certain components of the .NET 3.5 framework. If you’ve been using Microsoft’s desktop OS for a long time, you’ve probably noticed .NET Framework. The .NET Framework might appear in Windows Update or during the installation process of certain apps. Many apps rely on .NET Framework to function properly as it includes a collection of code that devs can call when creating their apps. Simply put, you just need .NET Framework for

Windows 11’s new feature warns users if they store passwords in random apps

During the April 5 event, Microsoft highlighted that are people who store passwords in plain-text format. In fact, some store passwords in Notepad and save them as a .txt file, which is not a good security practice as passwords should be hashed. With Sun Valley 2, Microsoft is planning to offer phishing protection at the operating system level. Windows 11’s new security feature uses Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which is already integrated into the operating system and provides protection against malicious apps or browser extensions. In version 22H2 or newer, Microsoft Defender will provide protection against phishing using its AI-powered detection technology. The purpose of the new phishing feature is to

AMD Warns Motherboard Makers From Offering Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU BIOS Support on AM4 X370 Boards

AMD has gone out of its way to prevent motherboard makers from offering Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU support on AM4 based X370 motherboards. This was stated by an ASRock representative to customers asking if they will be receiving Zen 3 support on older 300-series boards. AMD Restricting Motherboard Makers From Offering Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU BIOS Support on X370 AM4 Boards It looks like X370 and the rest of the 300-series chipset motherboards would only get Ryzen CPU support up to the Matisse Refresh Ryzen 3000XT series. For those who have been wondering why motherboard makers haven’t been releasing BIOS support for the new Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 CPUs,

Microsoft Warns About Malware Campaign Infecting Chrome, Edge, And Firefox

Microsoft on Thursday warned in a blog post about a new malware campaign that is designed to silently inject ads into search results, affecting multiple browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox. According to Microsoft, a persistent malware campaign has been actively distributing an evolved browser modifier malware at scale since at least May 2020. In August 2020, the threat was its peak where over 30,000 devices were infected by the malware every day. “We call this family of browser modifiers Adrozek. If not detected and blocked, Adrozek adds browser extensions, modifies a specific DLL per target browser, and changes browser settings to insert additional, unauthorized

Apple Warns MagSafe Charger Can Leave Circular Imprints on Leather Cases

If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while charging with Apple’s new MagSafe Charger, the case might show circular imprints from contact with the accessory, according to a new Apple support document published today. Apple’s leather cases for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are not available until November 6, but a MacRumors reader has already shared a photo of a circular imprint on Apple’s silicone case, so it appears that other cases can be affected too. It is possible that the circular imprint will be most prominent on leather cases, prompting Apple’s warning. Apple’s support document also outlines some other MagSafe Charger information: Apple says users