How to use Waze: Tutorial, tips and tricks

  How to use Waze Waze is designed to get you where you’re going as fast as possible by utilizing real-time reports and driving history from local users. For quick directions, you can enter your destination in the search bar where it says Where to? Adam Birney / Android Authority By tapping the Speaker icon to the right, you can adjust how much Waze talks to you and in what voice. Sound on means Waze will announce every directional step to take, Alerts only means Waze will only speak to warn you of reported hazards, and Sound off means Waze won’t speak at all. Adam Birney / Android Authority Tap

What is Waze? Everything you need to know about the popular navigation app

  Most of us use Google Maps for getting directions, but is it the best option? Other navigation apps, such as Waze, are more community-focused and have accumulated over 140 million users since they launched. Users act as the eyes and ears on the road to provide up-to-the-minute traffic conditions. It even has a carpool variant to cut the cost of gas in half. Here’s everything you need to know about Waze and why you should consider using it. Read more: Ten best driving apps for Android THE SHORT ANSWER Waze is a free, interactive navigation app for both Android and iOS. It uses crowd-sourced data to deliver real-time traffic

Waze Is Lagging on Android Auto and CarPlay, It's Not Just You

Waze is one of the best navigation apps available, which is why I recently left Google Maps for Waze. However, lately, we’ve seen a lot of reports that Waze is lagging and nearly unusable on both Android Auto and CarPlay. While it’s working great for me, others don’t have the same luck. In fact, there are so many reports of Waze lagging on Google’s forum that it’s now a trending issue. Furthermore, we’ve seen similar comments on the official Waze forum over the last month. Users mention that Waze starts to become slow, unresponsive, or lag on both CarPlay and Android Auto. This is happening whether navigation is active or

Waze for CarPlay gains split-screen Dashboard integration and lane guidance

Google’s Waze app can now be used on the multiscreen Dashboard feature in CarPlay, Apple’s in-car infotainment system on the iPhone. Also, the app now supports lane guidance. The feature has been in testing since last November. As first noted by Camilo Díaz on Twitter, this new feature is now available to all CarPlay users. After updating your copy of Waze for iPhone to the most recent version, simply launch the app on Carplay and go to the Dashboard and it will show up there automatically. CarPlay Dashboard, introduced in iOS 13, was designed to allow customers to use navigation and audio controls in a split-screen view rather than switch

Where Is Waze Available? Carpool Service Expands To California Bay Area

Waze Carpool, the navigation program’s carpooling service, announced Tuesday it will expand to several counties throughout the Bay Area, according to Forbes. Through Waze Carpool, users can connect with other people nearby to easily carpool to and from work. While Waze Carpool was originally limited to the San Francisco area when it launched last year, the updated coverage area includes all nine major counties within the Bay Area, Sacramento County and Monterey County. At the moment, Waze aims to roll out Carpool at a slower pace. Drivers can apply for Carpool by providing basic information that includes a LinkedIn profile and vehicle registration details. Riders also pay drivers only 54