How to Print on an Envelope in Microsoft Word

If you want to send professional-looking correspondence, don’t let the first thing your recipient sees be a messy handwritten envelope. Grab an envelope, put it in your printer, and type the name and address using Microsoft Word. Here, we’ll show you how to print on an envelope in Word using a template as well as from scratch on both Windows and Mac. Note: As of this writing, you cannot print an envelope from the Microsoft Word mobile app. Print on an Envelope in Word on Windows Before you start, you may want to get the envelope size you’ll be using because you’ll need this for the settings you’ll adjust. You

How to convert Table into Picture in Word

Creating a table in Microsoft Word is a simple task, especially if the table is basic with limited data. Now, there might come a time when users want to share a table with another person without having to worry about changes being made to it. The best way to get this done from our point of view is to convert the table to an image, then share it with whomever. Some folks may be wondering if this is even possible by just using Microsoft Word alone, and the answer to that is a huge yes. Of course, one could simply screenshot the table and be done with it, but where

How to convert Markdown to Word document in Windows 11/10

If you have some Markdown document files (MD or *.md) that you want to convert into Word format (DOCX or DOC) documents, then this post will be helpful to you. In this post, we have covered some best free tools to convert Markdown to Word document on a Windows 11/10 computer. The output Word document will have all the content including hyperlinks, images, tables, text content, etc., of the Markdown document. How to convert Markdown to Word document in Windows 11/10 Here is a list of free tools to convert Markdown to a Word document on a Windows 11/10 computer: Convert MD CloudConvert FreeFileConvert Texts MARKDOWN EDIT. Let’s check these

How to clear Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint cache

If you want to clear web add-ins cache automatically on exit, start, or restart in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, here is how you can do that. There is no need to use third-party apps since these Office apps come with an in-built option to get it done. You need to follow this detailed guide to learn more about web add-ins cache and how you can clear it automatically. What are web add-ins? An add-in enhances the performance and enriches the user experience. If an add-in uses a web service to complete a task in any Office app, it is called a Web add-in. You can install and use various web

How to confirm File Format conversion on open in Word

If you want to have an option to choose the file format before opening a PDF, HTML, XML, or any other file in Word, here is how you can do that. It is possible to confirm file format conversion on open in Microsoft Word using this step-by-step guide. You can enable or disable this setting using the in-built option, Local Group Policy Editor, and Registry Editor. How to confirm file format conversion on open in Word To confirm file format conversion on open in Microsoft Word, you have the following options: Using Word Options Using Group Policy Using Registry Editor To learn more about these steps, continue reading. 1] Using

How to make a Picture transparent in Word

Microsoft Word is software that people worldwide uses to edit their documents, write essays and even create bookmarks or flyers; it comes with a lot of editing features that can make your flyers or cards look cool and attractive. Microsoft Word consists of features to color your text, add shapes or pictures and make images within your Word document transparent. How to make a Picture transparent in Word Follow the steps to make an image transparent in Microsoft Word: Launch Word. Insert a Picture into your document. Click the Format Picture tab. Locate the Adjust group Click Transparency there Select a transparency percentage. Launch Word. Insert a picture into your

Microsoft Word is finally getting text predictions on macOS in 2022

Way back in February of last year, Microsoft added text predictions feature to Word for Windows. At that time, it was unclear when the upgrade will land for the web client or Word for macOS, but thanks to the updated roadmap, we now know that the feature is arriving on Mac later this year. Microsoft has quietly confirmed the text predictions feature for Word on macOS in an update to an entry on its roadmap page and there’s been no official announcement from the company yet. As you’re probably aware, Microsoft Word’s text precautions can greatly help users compose documents quickly and with greater ease. As noted by Microsoft, Word

Word cannot open the file because the file format does not match the file extension

Sometimes, when you try to open a Word file it fails to open and displays the following message – Word cannot open the file because the file format does not match the file extension. This can be troubling, especially when you want to go through the contents of the file for one last time before sending it to someone else. Word cannot open the file because the file format does not match the file extension The problem can occur when the Word file you are trying to open has a different file extension than the file you are attaching. It happens when you convert the file manually. There can be

How to convert Excel Spreadsheet into a Word Document

We know how to convert Excel files into PDF or how to convert Excel data into PowerPoint slides, but today we will learn how to convert an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document. What is an Excel Spreadsheet An Excel Spreadsheet is a file that contains columns and rows. All the rows are numbered (row 1, row 2, row 3, etc) and the columns are listed alphabetically (column A, column B, etc.) Each cell is named as per the subsequent row and column name. For example, the highlighted cell in the screenshot below is named B3, because it is in the third row and column B. Uses of an Excel