Xbox basically just buried Google Stadia with latest Project xCloud update

Source: Windows Central With one single library update, Microsoft just ripped Google Stadia of one of its only reasons to exist. Today, without any fanfare or warning, Microsoft included Destiny 2 to its Project xCloud game streaming library, at no extra cost, complete with synchronicity for those of us who have been playing on Xbox … Read more

Project xCloud on the NVIDIA Shield is almost like playing a regular Xbox

Source: Windows Central Microsoft’s xCloud Xbox Game Streaming being available on Android gives us a certain amount of flexibility to play around and see what we can make it do. Whether that’s testing every controller under the sun or, in this case, sideloading it onto the only Android TV box that’s ever really been worth … Read more

Twitter will soon let you control who replies to your tweets to curb abuse – but it could have the opposite effect

The plans were announced by Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, at an event at CES 2020 In an attempt to stem the rising tide of abuse and harassment on Twitter, the social network has made changes to what it’s describing as “conversation dynamics.” Speaking at an event at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, … Read more

Insta360 GO review: The smallest stablised action camera

  Insta360’s super-light action cam weighs a mere 20g but who is it for? Pros Absolutely tinyImpressive stabilisationDecent video qualityCons Usability issuesFlaky connectivityShort battery life The Insta360 GO is an exciting product and breaks ground in a number of different areas. It’s possibly the smallest, lightest action camera on the market; it weighs a mere … Read more