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Terminal Wings adds new functionalities to Microsoft Windows Terminal


Microsoft Windows Terminal has been around for more than a decade, but since the last few years, the popularity is soaring sky high. Increased number of organizations are using Windows Terminal Services. The Terminal services have been strengthened with equally robust hardware and features like the ability to create dedicated virtual desktops things. Also, the feature wherein the changes made by the users were saved on the virtual drive made the Terminal Service more popular.

Microsoft Terminal still leaves some features that are missing, and as a result, the need for third party apps like the Terminal Wings arises.

Terminal Wings for Windows

Terminal Wings for Windows

Terminal Wings is different from other emulators, and it doesn’t hook the process of a real terminal and end up displaying the custom application frame.

In essence, the Terminal Wings doesn’t just simulate the process by copy/pasting the screen buffer. Furthermore, the program also refrains from using virtual pipes in order to redirect output/input buffers to capture send and capture terminal commands.

The caveat, however, is that the Terminal Wings is compatible only with Windows 10 as of now and the makers of the software suggests users push free upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 since it is a lot safer secure and also stable. Terminal wings offer a slew of functions for Windows Terminal Services and are constantly updating their software to support more features.

Terminal Wings offers Multi Tabs that will allow you to organize terminals using Google Chrome Style tabs and will also let you choose whether you want to run a single instance or multiple instances. System tray will keep the current session open even if you close the application or minimize the system tray. Terminal Wings will also let you open the desired number of consoles sessions at the program startup and in order to spruce up the experience you can also choose a wallpaper/background image for your console.

Customization is the cornerstone of Terminal Wings and as a result, it also offers users the option to create terminal profiles along with customized appearance, commands to execute shell location and a single click load. The application can be run on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems but the makers of Windows wings advises users to select the 64bit binary provided that they are using a 64-bit system.

Microsoft Terminal Service has been elementary in giving access to systems remotely and also facilitate a single point of maintenance. The best part is that installation happens only once and everyone is entitled to receive the updates at a single go. While individual users might find it difficult to grasp the concept Microsoft Terminal Service is of great importance for organizations with a couple of systems to maintain. It also makes sense economically for the companies as they see a reduction in application costs since concurrent licenses cost less than the ones per device. Furthermore, the Net administrators have the option of locking down ile and system access from a single terminal point.

Terminal Windows is available for download here.


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