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Tesla’s latest update for vehicles allows them to detect speed limit signs


Tesla is rolling out a software update that allows its Autopilot system to recognise speed limit signs via cameras.

According to the software release notes, first spotted by Electrek, the update enables a Tesla’s cameras to detect a speed limit sign and display it on the driver visualisation, complete with a speed limit warning. It also expands upon existing traffic light and stop sign-related features, by playing a chime when the Tesla is sitting at a stoplight that turns green. It serves as an alert so that you, as the driver, can instantly decide to move.

Tesla first launched a software update in beta four months ago that introduced “Traffic Light and Stop Sign” controls.

Designed for newer Tesla vehicles, these controls essentially help turns Tesla Autopilot into a “full self-driving” system. When activated, it slows the car to stop for stoplights and stop signs. Keep in mind, when Musk announced Autopilot a couple years ago, he described it as something that’d allow your Tesla “to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no driver input at all”.

However, that vision has yet to be fully realised.

Tesla vehicles need humans behind the wheel, and their “full self-driving” package is still on add-on that starts at around $7,000.

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