The 10.3-inch Kobo Elipsa is a cross between an iPad Pro and a Kindle e-reader

Kobo has unveiled the 10.3-inch Elipsa e-reader - one that allows users to annotate and draw up notes with the included stylus, as well as read.

The company's latest e-reader features a 1404 x 1872 resolution E Ink display, with the presence of a stylus a first for the company.

It goes against the recent trend to make e-readers more handheld - Amazon's Kindle range, for example, maxes out at 7-inches - and instead provides users with a more iPad Pro-like screen to work with.

Naturally, though, it's still offering a very different experience from a fully-fledged tablet. Despite the screen size and the new Kobo Stylus allowing users to use it as a note-taking device, one that also has an OCR feature that converts notes into text, this is still very much a read-first device.

With Kobo's eBookstore, there's access to six million books, as well as OverDrive support for browsing through and borrowing books from supported libraries. And while the annotation smarts are interesting, they aren't as straightforward as they may seem.

Those reading PDFs or DRM can't make notes on them, and annotations made on borrowed books from OverDrive will, as you may expect, be lost when the book is returned to the library.

To aid reading in the dark, the Elipsa also features a ComfortLight system. This allows the brightness to be adjusted or even set to change automatically depending on the time of day - much like some of Kobo's other high-end e-readers.

The device is backed up by 32GB of storage, 1GB of Ram and a 2400mAh battery, too, with the bundle featuring the Elipsa, stylus and cover setting you back £349.99 / $399.99.

It's available to pre-order now ahead of a 24 June release date.

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