The 5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard of 2017


Top 5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard of 2016

Update – 2017.04.26

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The 5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard of 2017: The very best gaming keyboard is the one which feels right while you’re playing. It’s important to select carefully as there are numerous nice keyboards on the market, however also pretty bad ones with spongy keys.

A good gaming keyboard makes use of mechanical switches and not silicone membrane switches, which feels mushy and out of date. The scissor-switch also makes use of dome switches and silicone membrane, however, are more steady. These switches are sometimes used on laptops, however, could be discovered on a select number of dedicated keyboards too. For gaming purposes, however, you want a mechanical keyboard to get the perfect experience.

5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

One of the most difficult parts of a mechanical keyboard are the colour-coded Cherry switches, which you will find on most brands. There are a few exceptions. However – some keyboard manufacturers, such as Razer and Logitech, have their custom mechanical switches. Read Also: Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2017

Mechanical switches are very entirely different to the switches you’ll find on cheaper keyboards. They provide much better feedback and a more satisfying action. They’re not for everyone, although, so it’s worth trying before you buy.

List of 5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tomoko Blue Switch 104-Key LED Mechanical Keyboard

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Tomoko’s full-size mechanical keyboard is definitive proof you could have all of the bells and whistles without paying top dollar. This keyboard has a full 104 keys, together with a number pad multimedia shortcut keys. These keys have a rainbow LED arrangement with individual lights for every key. You’ll be able to modify brightness, pattern speed, and select from nine pattern modes. Sadly, the LED colors of every row are set, so you cannot color-code key groupings, however, it’s still an enjoyable addition.

Behind the LEDs, the keyboard supports Blue Gaote switches, some assortment of switches meant to imitate the well-known Cherry brand switches. These seem to work simply as effectively and have the identical N-key rollover (which implies you may press all of the keys at once, and they’ll all register).

When it comes to constructing high quality, this keyboard is hefty and sturdy. It has a pretty massive palm and wrist relaxation, and a spill-resistant design that has drainage openings to stop water loss. The Tomoko 104-key keyboard provides immense value, so long as you don’t mind the loud volume of the blue switches.


Logitech G910 Orion Spark

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Logitech is a pretty popular name in any gaming niche. However, even with these excessive requirements, Logitech still provided one thing shocking this time. Let’s find out what’s that.On looking, Logitech G910 is a very colorful gaming keyboard with full-layout + 10-key number-pad — all of its keys have mechanical switches (those that offer you some sound and tactile suggestions). One essential factor — that you certainly love — is gaming mode key. With this gaming mode key, you may stop any game-related error in Windows. This keyboard connects via a USB-port to your PC. There are 4 different programmable keys, really, however, they’re placed on top of first-4 function keys. 3 swappable profile button(at the left of top functional keys) makes the total variety of macro combinations as much as 27.


Razer Blackwidow Standard Stealth

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In case you’re a fan of Razer products, this BlackWidow is a nice choice if you want a mechanical keyboard.

It highlights Razer’s own exclusive green mechanical key switch, which is predicated on the Cherry MX switches and is ultimately very nice to type with and game on. I really choose Razer’s switches to the Cherry MX.

The one main downside of this keyboard is that it’s not backlit, so for those who’re gaming at night, or in a darkened room, this may be somewhat of a deal-breaker. In any other case, it’s an awesome keyboard.

So, for those who don’t want to backlight, and also you simply need a high-quality mechanical keyboard with a few additional programmable buttons, this keyboard is perhaps excellent.



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Roccat is making its name in the peripheral market by providing unique mice and keyboard in affordable price. And in this RYOS keyboard, they’ve produced the perfect Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. RYOS lineup of keyboards is already extremely popular because of customizable options and excessive construct quality. Like Corsair K70, it also features individual backlighting for every key. However, you may have personalized backlight.

In case you’ve previously used Roccat Isku previously, you may get confused. As a result of it’s just like Isku in terms of design and format. However the similarity between two ends just there. As a result of RYOS MK Pro has a lot of features which aren’t present in former.



$24.99Buy this item 2114315c7315329b4537c26430ed4659-5665370

DBPOWER is a comparatively unheard of brand, however, their “mechanical-feel” DB-A8 keyboard is considered around for those who wants to buy a ~$30 keyboard.It presents you the entire base features you want from a keyboard anticipate for gaming, and then some. It’s a full 104-key structure with 19-key which ensures you’re by no means missing any keystrokes, except you’re pressing 2 keys with every finger on each hand for whatever purpose.The keys are laser-etched to ensure they last for a very long time.

There are 3 preset LED colors (red, blue and a purple that could possibly be argued as pink) that you could cycle via at your leisure, and also has an option to buy the keyboard in white.



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