The Best Kindle Paperwhite Cases For Any Situation

Whether you listened to us or you picked it up on your own, you’re rocking the best ebook reader out there—the Kindle Paperwhite. Now how about protecting it with a cool and useful case? We’ve rounded up the best.

We figure accidents happen. Sure, you intend on looking after your Kindle Paperwhite but it’s easy to drop it by accident, or simply create a scratch through a little rough handling. You don’t want that happening, so these cases will go some way to circumventing that. As well as that, we appreciate that you want your eBook reader to look fairly stylish so we’ve tried to pick out cases that look good too. Just because you’re not reading a physical book, after all, doesn’t mean you’re set on giving up the character book covers have after all.

With thousands of Kindle Paperwhite cases out there, here’s our focused list on the best of the bunch.

Best all-rounder: Omoton Kindle Paperwhite case ($15)

If you only buy one Kindle Paperwhite case, make it the Omoton Kindle Paperwhite case. It’s stylish, practical and a great price. It fits all versions of the Paperwhite too which could be useful if you’re rocking an older version and looking to upgrade soon.

The case wraps around your Kindle Paperwhite, with a magnetic clasp ensuring that the cover closes securely. Simply open it up and your device is woken up from its slumber. The case only weighs about 3oz so this won’t add bulk or weight to your reading session.

The exterior is made from anti-skid and waterproof PU leather, while the middle is thin but stong Plexiglass layer, and the interior is made from no-scratch microfiber. Simply put, it’s got you protected (and at a great price).

Best For Simple Style: Amazon Paperwhite Leather Case ($40)

Amazon’s own Paperwhite Leather Case is easily the most stylish and professional looking case out there. Much like the Omoton, it has a magnetic clasp that keeps your Kindle safe, while also waking it from sleep mode at relevant moments.

Where the Amazon Paperwhite Leather Case stands out is its design. It’s made from premium natural leather so it looks distinctly classy and expensive, which it kind of is at $40. As a gift idea or as something to look business like on your commute, it’s hard to fault though. It’s available in 5 different colors too, including a very vibrant pink or orange, but we prefer the professional tones of Ink Blue. If you want a leather case that will burnish and patina like a classic book cover, Amazon also has an only-available-in-brown premium leather model that’ll run you a bit more at $60 but will age really nicely.

Best For Grip And Durability: RANZ Rugged Case ($16)

If you’re prone to dropping your Kindle or tossing it around, you need a tough case. The RANZ Rugged Case is quite durable and stands out in a sea of lackluster “protective” cases.

It’s only compatible with the 3rd generation version of the Kindle Paperwhite, on account of its very snug and precise fit. A rubberized texture ensures you can get a firm grip on the case with no risk of it slipping, before unveiling two layers of protection underneath. The first is a silicone rubber gel that wraps around the device, providing shock absorption, while the second is a durable plastic that also has a built-in kickstand.

It’s chunky and doesn’t protect the screen, but mostly does a good job of saving you from the odd fall or bump. Oh and don’t worry about the crazy purple color seen here. We used that particular photo to show the contrast of the design materials—you can get it in blue, red, and for the true “my case is a tire” look, black-on-black.

Most Waterproof Option: WALNEW Waterproof Case ($11)

The WALNEW Waterproof Case is an ugly but highly effective way of keeping your Kindle Paperwhite safe from water damage. It’s a pouch made from durable PVC so you can see through it easily—but maybe don’t expect to win prizes for style. Why no permanent hard case in this section? Waterproof cases for anything, even a Kindle, tend to be bulky. Further, most people don’t need their Kindle to be waterproof all the time, just when they want to read in the tub or by the pool. In light of that, this generic but highly effective WALNEW waterproof bag is perfect: it’s cheap, it works very well, and it’s so easy to drop your Kindle (case and all) into it only for the time you want to keep it dry.

Three ziplock strips in the opening plus a roll-and-pinch design help keep things dry as a bone inside. There’s a lanyard too if you want to secure it to yourself, such as while snoozing on the beach or by the pool.

In the end, it’s just a fancy plastic bag, but a good one at that. It’s also a very small price to pay for protecting your beloved Kindle, and it’s compatible with multiple other devices such as iPads and other tablets, thanks to its loose fit.

Best Stand Case: Moko Premium Vertical Flip Case ($21)

A few different stands here offer a basic stand but none can quite compete with the Moko Premium Vertical Flip Case. For those times that you need to have your Kindle resting upwards, this is a great solution. At all times, you’ll enjoy a clear view of what you’re reading without any risk of the Kindle slipping downwards.

In addition to the all important stand, the Moko Premium Vertical Flip Case offers an extra layer of protection and a PU leather interior for added scratch resistance. It looks cool too with a variety of different colors to choose from. It’s a little bulky compared to the skin-tight-jeans profile of some of the other cases, but just think of it as extra durablity.

Cutest Gift Idea: Huasiru Painting Case ($16)

Not as concerned with things like waterproofing, super grippy backing, or real leather but definitely want something super cute and perfect for a gift? The Huasiru Painting Case is ideal for that. Available in over two dozen different patterns and colors, there’s an eye-catching design for everyone.

Made from durable synthetic leather, there’s some element of protection here with a soft interior further protecting things, but really, this is a case all about its looks. As a fun change from the more utilitarian-looking fare, it’s great choice to make your Kindle look more charming.

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