The Best Steam Summer Sale 2017 Bundles

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Steam’s Summer Sale is in full swing with hundreds of titles going up for sale. Since one cannot buy everything, we narrowed down a list of the best Steam Summer Sale 2017 bundles you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this year.

Note: We are only going to mention the percentage discount as prices vary from region to region.

10. Hitman

Created by the now Independent studio IO Interactive originally published by EIDOS and later by Square Enix, Hitman has had the honor of redefining open world stealth. You are Agent 47, an assassin who works for the International Contract Agency, who travels the world killing his targets. You have a choice of carrying out your missions, you can be a silent assassin, or you can be a crazed gunman, it is entirely up to you. This is actually two bundles. The latest version of the game and the original collection.

  1. Get Hitman (2016) it here (66% Discount)
  2. Get The Hitman Collection here (84% Discount)

9. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, also a staple of Eidos publishing, originally created by Core and later by Cyrstal Dynamics (creators of the classic Legacy of Kain series). This game was a simple concept, a British archeologist/adventurer named Lara Croft would raid ancient tombs for treasure. Each game would focus on a deep plot, an interesting story, intriguing puzzles and fun action. It has been alive and well since its inception in 1993, and is still going strong. The franchise was rebooted in 2013 and has resumed the story of Lara Croft for the upcoming generation.


Get Tomb Raider here (68% Discount)

8. BioShock

BioShock is a critically acclaimed standalone First Person Shooter series that starts with a lighthouse each time. This is one of those rare franchises that has enjoyed both highs and lows. You will experience the finest game mechanics and storylines comparable to the Metal Gear or Legacy of Kain series when playing BioShock and BioShock infinite, and you might not enjoy the 2nd installment as much, but it is part of the package. The storyline goes from fun, to intense, to university level philosophy as it progresses.

Get Bioshock Bundle here (75% Discount)

7. Saint’s Row franchise

Saint’s Row can best be described as a ludicrous homage to GTA. You are a gang called The Saints. You want to take over the city. But that is not why you want to play this game. You want to play this game because it focuses on the “game” part of the game. Which is why you can access a gun that launches a shark from solid ground, a gun that first dubstep, a tentacle that will launch the target into orbit, cars that become tanks and everything you’d want from a game. The entire franchise is fun and it keeps pushing boundaries of fun, one after another.

Get Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition (75% Discount)

Get Saints Row Gat out of Hell (75% Discount)

6. Witcher

Witcher is a creation of The Polish Company CD Projekt Red, who started from a tiny table at E3 2004. They were showcasing a truly open world role playing adventure based on the polish novel series of the same name. Today, they are worth over $1 Billion based on this series alone. You take on the role of Geralt Of Rivia, a Witcher who is looking for his adopted daughter Ciri, but you are under no obligation to stick to the script. You can roam literally anywhere and there will be something for you to do in every town you encounter. The combat is right up there with the finest games, the story is deep, the visual are gorgeous and the story is flawless.

In this scenario, the bundle is not as cost-effective as individual purchases as you get Witcher, Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 in this bundle. In the International store, Witcher 3 without any DLCs is worth $23.99, while the Game of Year Edition (all content included) is worth $24.99. If you buy the bundle, you will have to pay an extra $17.50 for DLCs. If you buy individually, you spend an extra $1.

  1. Get The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition here (50% Discount)
  2. Get The Witcher Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut here (85% Discount)
  3. Get the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition here (85% Discount)


It is widely accepted that movies do not translate into great games. However, LEGO took that on as a challenge and cleared it by miles. LEGO games cover a range of franchises including Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and a bunch others. The mechanics are somewhat similar, you collect LEGO currency to upgrade/unlock characters. There might never be stories as epic as depicted in the LEGO universe, such as Justice League story arcs in Batman, Marvel vs Red Hulk, you name it. This is a fun series that makes you truly appreciate everything we love about games.

These games are not out in any bundles, but they’re all worth having. So visit this link and purchase whatever games you need. (0-75% Discount)

4. Call of Duty

Call of Duty has become quite a divisive series over the years. They took off with a stellar idea of depicting realistic action with meaningful storylines over World War II, they then hit it out of the park with Modern Warfare and began overusing the idea to the point that fans became upset. However, Call of Duty is still a fun shooter franchise with a lot of action, atmospheric sound, always an interesting storyline.

Get Call of Duty Definitive Collection here (46% Discount)

Get Call of Duty Complete Zombie Experience here (44% Discount)

3. Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls is to RPGs what Godfather is to films. It wasn’t the first of its kind, but it became the benchmark for the genre and you can see its essence in almost all modern RPGs be it Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, et al. The franchise has a total of 5 games, 6 if you count the online version. However, Steam is only putting 4 of them up for sale, that’s Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind, Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim (you might have heard of it).

Get Elder Scrolls Bundle here (49% Discount)

2. Valve

Valve is why all of us are here discussing any of this. They are the creators of Half Life, Portal, Counter Strike and Steam. The very utility that brings us together. Valve has put all of their games in a single bundle, that includes the extremely innovative puzzler Portal, the multiplayer Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2 (already free to play), and the Half Life series.

Get Valve Bundle here (91% Discount)

1. GTA

If you have been a gamer for even a week, you will have heard about Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto is a game series that pits you against a different criminal empire in each game. This is a game focused on driving, with one famously impossible mission and moments that have become an iconic part of pop-culture. This series defined the open-world genre and then perfected it with each iteration.

Get GTA Bundle here (70% Discount)

Get GTA V here (50% Discount)er

Honorable Mention

Assassins Creed Bundle (55% Discount)

Fallout Bundle (60% Discount)

Total War (66% Discount)