‘The Godfather’ Game Beginner’s Guide – How To Play, Unlock Guard House & Free Loot Strategies

The Godfather has arrived on iOS and Android, and Vito Corleone wants to make you an offer you can’t refuse. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll touch on the gameplay basics, how to unlock PvP through the Guard House and the numerous ways to get free loot.


In simple terms, The Godfather game is a mobile experience in the ilk of Marvel Avengers Academy or Clash Of Clans. Even if you haven’t played either of those games, you’ll probably recognize the loop. The goal of The Godfather is to build up your empire by collecting resources that level up your buildings and troops. You’re essentially juggling several different elements while the training and building times pass.

There’s also a light PvP element that unlocks after reaching level 6, but, because the game is so new, it’s not quite developed yet.


You’ll be introduced to lots of buildings very quickly, and all of them can be upgraded for various benefits. There are a few ways to upgrade.

godfather mobile game guide ios android strategy mansion upgrade free download how to upgrade free upgrades hacks cheats free resources library free gold free money Your Mansion is essential to success in ‘The Godfather.’ Keep upgrading it as soon as possible to have access to the best supplies for your crew.

  • For more central buildings like your Mansion, Library and military trio, tap the building itself in the world map and select the arrow. After that, you’ll be shown what you need to upgrade. If you have all the resources, you can upgrade and wait or spend gold to rush it. You can also use items from battle to speed up development too.
  • For you block buildings (shops, shanties etc.), tap the circular Block Queue icon below your player icon in the top left.
  • Sometimes upgrades are free when hitting new Mansion levels or unlocking new buildings. Always take advantage of those as soon as you hit a new Mansion level.

Once you move through the tutorial and start making money, you’ll find there are lots of building types to keep track of. Sometimes the game doesn’t make their purposes overtly clear, so here are the key buildings you should always be watching.

  • The Mansion : Shortly after the game begins, you’ll be given a mansion. This is basically the source of all your power in The Godfather. Your mansion level dictates how high everything else in your empire can be upgraded. As a result, it should be the first thing you consider upgrading if you want to get powerful quickly.
  • The Library : The Library is what allows you to research certain perks by tapping the beaker icon on the left of the screen. At high levels, you can research methods to train faster and make troops move faster in combat.
  • Mills Terrace : Mills Terrace houses your troops. Upgrading it lets you send more troops into battle. It’s the linchpin of your offense.
  • Lights Out Boxing Co : This is where you train assassins. Upgrade it every time you upgrade your Mansion and keep training troops by tapping the knife icon that appears above it when troops are ready to train.
  • Sullivan Firearms : This is where you have your massacre units. Upgrade it every time you upgrade your Mansion and keep training troops by tapping the gun icon that appears above it when troops are ready to train.
  • Nobel Chemical : This is where you have your bombers. Upgrade it every time you upgrade your Mansion and keep training troops by tapping the TNT icon that appears above it when troops are ready to train.
  • Shanties : Shanties allow you to train more troops. Vito will remind you when these need to be upgraded. Keep doing it to gain an edge in battle.
  • The Night Club : Here you can get free props that allow you to unlock special heroes called Capos. You can also use money you collect to buy props.
  • Shops : Give you money. Upgrade those to get more profits.


You can get to the story by either tapping your Mansion and selecting Storybook or by tapping any indicators about story missions when Vito reminds you about them. They’re basically just scripted combat sequences. However, you only have a certain amount of “energy” to fight several story battles in a row. After a while, you’ll have to spend Gold or use items to continue.

Generally this is a quick way to milk your coins. If you want to keep playing without paying, we suggest approaching the story as slowly as possible.


With the assassins, massacres and bombers you train, you can engage in turn-based combat. Combat is useful for narrative missions and occasional options for scrums on the world map marked by a gun.

godfather mobile game guide ios android strategy combat free download how to win free upgrades best capo find props Combat in ‘The Godfather’ is a lot simpler than it looks. Just keep ranking up and participate in story or skirmish battles. With enough patience you’ll win.

The system itself looks complex, but, at least for beginners, don’t let it intimidate you. As long as you keep training units and upgrading what’s listed above, you’ll eventually win. At the “prepare for battle” screen, just use the auto-select option. You can even fast forward through fights by swiping right and tapping the triangular media icon. Winning gets you experience for your Capo, cash and other prop rewards.

For the early game, just train all types of troops and you’ll eventually get enough of them to overwhelm your enemies with autoselect.


As you progress through combat, you’ll see lots of mentions of the Capo system. Capos are essentially heroes that can be recruited with supplies won in skirmishes or purchased at the Night Club. To recruit a Capo, tap the Night Club and click the recruit button with the + sign. There, you’ll see a list of eligible options with the recruit requirements for each one. Some you’ll be able to unlock for free, but others may require Gold to spend on the required props.

godfather mobile game guide ios android strategy best capo free download cheats free gold hacks Capos are your heroes in ‘The Godfather’ mobile universe. They can be upgraded and enhanced as you level up.

In the Capo menu at the map screen, you can see a list of the Capos you’ve unlocked. Tapping each one allows you to see the Attributes, Talents and Skills they possess. Attributes are generic stats, Talents are unique buffs tied to each different Capo, and Skills are acquired by leveling up and enhancing. Skills can be attached to any Capo.

To enhance your Capo, you tap the Enhance button on its profile screen. A list of props will display to show you what you need. Certain props are locked behind levels. The dynamics of the Capo system aren’t really available to you till you pass the point of being a beginner. Right now, it’s just important to see how the pieces fit together once you level up.


The game will tease that PvP multiplayer is unlocked by accessing the World Map at the Guard House. To get the house, you need to reach Mansion level 6 and tap the small lock icon to get it working. It’s right by your compound wall.

godfather mobile game guide ios android strategy guard house free download how to play pvp free upgrades hacks cheats free resources The Guard Tower is essential to PvP in ‘The Godfather’ mobile game. It’s unlocked when you reach Mansion level 6.

The basics of PvP are using the magnifying glass icon to scout a raid. You’ll send some of your troops there, and you’ll get resources (like building supplies and gold) after a certain amount of time. At the start, we suggest just picking on lower-level players for quick cash. Once you rise up the ranks, then you can start being more ambitious.


Because you’re juggling so many different systems at once, it can be difficult to keep track of all the ways The Godfather rewards you with free stuff. In that case, we’ve made a list of all the perks players need to know about.

  • VIP Benefits : Logging in once per day at a specific time allows you to get VIP Benefits. These are accessed just below your player icon in the top left of the map. You can train troops faster and get a boost for playing regularly.
  • The Claim Item Box : This unlocks about every 20 minutes and is right next to Vito on the map screen. Here you’ll get free items that can speed up training or level up your Capo.
  • Daily Tasks : Accessed by tapping the present icon next to the Claim Box. Tap collect, and also tap the glowing gift boxes at the top of the screen to get loot for passing certain milestones.
  • Vito Missions : Tapping Vito also opens up subsequent challenges similar to the daily task. Complete those for free rewards.
  • Achievements : Tapping the book icon next to the gift box offers yet another achievement tier. Complete these for free rewards.
  • Night Club Drinks : The Night Club offers a free drink every hour that essentially acts as a free item.
  • Cash From Boats And Trucks : While patrolling the map screen, you’ll see marked boats and trucks. Tapping them offers a free cash reward.

The key to managing all of this is to watch those parts of the interface for indicators of rewards. They’ll all light up or show some kind of sign to signify you’ve accomplished something. Sometimes Vito will let you know as well. Tapping any of his suggestions brings you straight to the task.

The Godfather is available now for free on Android and iOS.
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