The Huawei Mate 40 seems to have an unusual looking camera module


Huawei is soon to reveal the Mate 40 series of phones but it looks like the rear of the phone will sport an unusual camera module design.

The Chinese handset maker shared a teaser image of its new phone on Weibo with the caption (according to Google Translate) Take a look first!

The outline of the phone is fairly standard, of course, but the unusual camera module is clear to see. It appears it will move on to be an octagonal shape, once again mounted right in the middle of the rear of the phone. The device follows up the large circular camera housing on last year’s Mate 30 series and the square from 2018’s Mate 20.

On the front we’re expecting a waterfall display with curved edges like previous Huawei handsets.

Huawei has announced the Mate 40 series will be revealed on 22 October at 14.00 CEST, 1pm BST. Huawei says ‘Leap further ahead’ is the tagline for the launch and claims the phones will have “unprecedented power”.

Once again the handsets will depend on Huawei’s AppGallery app store and system rather than Google Play, but they’ll still run Android.

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