The Lenovo Legion Y90 to employ an SSD and UFS 3.1 storage in RAID 0


The Lenovo Legion Y90 shapes up to be an exciting handset, especially after Lenovo’s latest teaser on Weibo. It talks about an SSD and UFS 3.1 storage chips working in RAID 0 configuration. This is probably the industry’s first.

We’ve seen SSDs on smartphones before, Apple’s iPhones have been using them instead of UFS chips ever since the iPhone X. However, the heterogeneous design from Lenovo will allow using the standard UFS storage system alongside an SSD working in RAID 0 configuration.

For those unaware of RAID 0, it’s a way to increase storage performance by using two drives working simultaneously and writing bits of the data to each of them.

It’s been used in high-end PC and laptop builds for years now but this is probably the first time we will see this in a commercially available smartphone. Lenovo says that this improves the read and write speeds of the UFS 3.1 storage by 50%.

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