The Surface Duo plastic frame is cracking


The Surface Duo has a plastic frame, possibly to allow for its impossibly thin and comparatively light design, but it seems that also has some disadvantages.

Surface Duo owner Algreimann on Reddit reports that the frame of his Surface Duo has already cracked around the USB-C port.

It seems likely that if it happened to one person so close to launch it will happen to many more people over the life of the device. In the same thread, a number of other owners are complaining of the same issue.

From teardowns of the device, we also know the USB-C port is soldered onto the motherboard, and if the port allows enough freedom of movement to crack the frame it seems likely that the port itself will be vulnerable to damage over time.

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You can learn more about Surface Duo from here and purchase the new Surface Duo from Microsoft Store here starting at $1399.

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