The Uber app finally adds iPhone Live Activities, gets a refreshed look

The updated Uber app now supports iOS 16’s Dynamic Island as well as a cleaner look.

Woman in the back of an Uber playing on her iPhone


Users of the Uber app now have a new look and a brand-new feature that will make buying that iPhone 14 Pro all the more worth it.

The updated Uber app has a new look, making it easier to find the things you want. But the biggest addition is a feature that was actually teased almost a year ago, at Apple’s WWDC22 event in June.

We are of course talking about Live Activities support, a feature that only requires iOS 16 in order to work but takes things to a whole new level when you have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With the new Uber app installed iPhone users can make use of Live Activities as a way to track where their ride has gotten to. They’ll see live progress of where it is as well as get information on the type of car that they can expect. It’s all information that would normally have been received as a standard notification, of course, but Live Activities does away with the barrage of Uber alerts we’re all familiar with.

Those with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max will get the same feature, but on steroids. The high-end phones and their Always-On Display allow users to see Live Activities even while their iPhone is locked, making it even easier to see where that ride is.

The overall app has had a refresh to go along with its new Live Activities as well. Uber says that it will now respond to how people use it, meaning you’ll see the features that you use most pushed to the top of the pile. Usually get an Uber Green? That’s what you’ll see first.

The new update is available for download right now and is well worth getting your hands on if you’re an iPhone user with iOS 16 installed. And doubly so if you’re using a swanky iPhone 14 Pro!