The Xbox Onesie is back in collaboration with Forza Motorsport 7

We all remember the Xbox Onesie, right? Well, it looks like it’s back again. That’s right. And you still won’t be able to buy one for yourself.

Last year, Xbox Australia introduced us to this piece of fashion to coincide with the launch of the Xbox One S. It was adorned with various Xbox iconography so you could show off all your Xbox pride while staying warm and cozy. Now, Xbox Australia is adding one more clothing member to its family. The Xbox Onesie – Forza Motorsport 7 Performance Edition. It even has it’s own ridiculously over-the-top trailer.

Unfortunately, this new onesie isn’t for sale. Only a limited number will be made available to local fans via Xbox Australia’s Facebook page sometime later this week. Just so you know what you’ll be missing out on, it’s full list of ‘new features’ can be read below.

  • Fully breathable fabric that offers a stain proof gaming experience
  • A tighter, tailored fit, providing race suit performance from the comfort of the couch
  • Elasticated pockets, ensuring your devices stay secure – even when drifting
  • Forearm and backside padding, making even the longest stint a breeze
  • Built-in detachable hydration pouch with easily accessible mouthpiece – giving gamers access to their favorite drinks while laying down their lap time

As odd and silly as the whole thing is, Xbox Australia sure knows how to get gamers talking.