These new HiTune T3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds are such great value for money


High-quality, powerful, intelligent, and wireless earbuds are rare. Music enthusiasts and audiophiles on a budget must sacrifice something – quality, efficiency, battery life, or Bluetooth pairing. But Ugreen has just launched a new pair of earbuds that finally make Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds accessible to the masses. At only $35.99, the new HiTune T3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds offer an amazing value for money.

Claim a 40 percent discount with the code 35UGREENBS

HiTune T3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds is one of the most affordable pairs of wireless earbuds on the market. The original list price for HiTune T3 ANC is only $35.99, and the company is also offering a 40 percent discount with the code 35UGREENBS and a 5 percent coupon. If you act quickly, you can get a pair of high-quality, powerful, intuitive Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds for only $21.59!

Eliminate unwanted ambient noise during calls

Wireless earbuds are incredibly useful while making calls. You can simply talk to people without using loudspeakers, wired earphones, or your hands, allowing you to multitask. Your hands don’t have to be occupied throughout. But most earbuds struggle with ambient sounds, and the recipient has a hard time listening to you above the surrounding sounds.

HiTune T3 ANC has 4 mics and an intelligent AI algorithm that can effectively extract your voice, ensuring 90 percent less external noise during phone calls. Whether you’re talking to people from the comfort of your quiet home or a busy airport, the earbuds will filter out all ambient sounds, ensuring your recipients can listen to you clearly.

Cancel out the world when listening to music

HiTune T3 ANC has an incredibly powerful noise-cancelling feature. It uses unique microphones and a feed-forward mechanism to eliminate up to 25dB of low-frequency sounds, allowing you to enjoy your music without distraction in gyms and public spaces. The noise cancellation setting ensures you don’t miss a single beat because of external distractions.

Amplify surrounding sounds with transparency mode

HiTune T3 ANC includes a transparency mode that picks up and amplifies ambient sounds via the microphones. If you’re in an airport, you don’t want to miss important flight announcements while listening to music. Once you toggle transparency mode, you can listen to crystal-clear music while being assured that you can still listen to your surroundings.

Immersive soundscape with a punchy bass

In addition to intelligent noise cancellation and transparency features, the HiTune T3 ANC also offers powerful and immersive audio quality. It’s driven by a 10mm pu+wool composite driver unit that offers a punchy bass with high-resolution treble, allowing you to immerse yourself without an all-encompassing musical soundscape. Listen to music the way it’s intended.

Seamless connections and pairing

HiTune T3 ANC comes with the latest BES2500 chip, and it features Bluetooth 5.2, which facilitates optimal and seamless connections and pairing with your devices. There is absolutely no lag in pairing devices. You can simply pop it into your ears to start listening to music. Unlike many other Bluetooth devices in the price range, you don’t have to manually connect.

Up to 24 hours of total playtime

HiTune T3 ANC has a strong battery life of 7 hours for the earbuds on a single charge. And the entire set of earbuds offers up to 24 hours of playtime with the charging case. That means you only need to recharge the HiTune T3 ANC charging case once every couple of days.

Until recently, high-quality, intuitive, and immersive wireless earbuds have been inaccessible to the average music consumer on a budget. But you can purchase Ugreen’s HiTune T3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds for only $35.99, or enter the 35UGREENBS discount code to receive the same pair for only $21.59. You’ll be hard-pressed to find earbuds offering a better value for money.

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