These new keyboards by Logitech have our favourite emojis built in and we love them!

Emojis are now a part of our collective cultural lexicon. They’ve become a part of our digital landscape, a universal language that accurately conveys our expressions, mood, and tone, regardless of our nationality or cultural background. Considering the role that emojis play in our day-to-day communications, it’s only natural that they should be easily accessible on our keyboards!

Logitech recently rolled out a collection of mechanical keyboards with a series of inbuilt swappable emoji keys, called POP Keys. Instead of using keyboard shortcuts or navigating to the emoji section on your document, you can now produce and send your favorite emojis with a single tap! You can also scroll through an inventory of emojis using the POP Mouse.

Below, we describe how you can make your communications so much more expressive using POP Keys.

Select the emojis that best express your personality

POP Keys come with 8 swappable emoji keycaps. You can attach four emoji keycaps to the side of your keyboard, and the other four are available in the box. As such, you can easily mix and match the emoji keycaps according to your mood or personality. Whether your personality is most accurately met by the heart-eyes emoji, fire emoji, or crying emoji, the choice is yours!

Access a massive library of emojis with a touch

POP Keys come with an emoji menu key, which gives you access to a massive library of emojis with a single touch. If the four available emoji keycaps are too restrictive for you, tap the emoji menu button to find the precise emoji that best communicates your present mood. The library of emojis is massive, so you can easily hold entire conversations with nothing but emojis!

Seamlessly scroll through the emojis in your library

POP Keys can be bundled in with POP Mouse, the companion mouse to the vividly-colored keyboards! POP Mouse features a customizable top button that gives you access to the entire library of emojis, and you can use the SmartWheel to scroll through the menu. SmartWheel can automatically switch between high-precision and speed scrolling, allowing you to find the perfect emojis.

Available in colors as expressive as your emojis

POP Keys and POP Mouse are available in three vividly-colored and attractive designs – Daydream, Blast, Heartbreaker. Each set has been uniquely designed according to different personality types and aesthetic sensibilities; whether you prefer an explosion of pink, bold fiery colors, or a neon-pastel color palette, the choice is yours. The keyboards and mice are as attractive and bright as your emojis!

Click-clack-pop your way across the keyboard

POP Keys bring mechanical typing back! They feature typewriter-style mechanical keys, so you can have the tactile pleasure of feeling the weight of your words as you glide across the keyboard. Your fingers will bounce across the keycaps, producing loud, mechanical CLICK, CLACK, and POP sounds that bring so much satisfaction to the act of typing!

Overview of features:

  • Compatible with multiple devices with 3 easy-switch channels
  • New-gen shortcuts — Snip Screen, Media Keys, and Voice-to-Text
  • Minimalist design with lots of empty space
  • Mechanical switches for typewriter-style typing
  • Four swappable emoji keycaps
  • Four additional emoji keycaps
  • Emoji menu key
  • Works wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Three years of battery life
  • Incredibly endurance of 50M keystrokes

Available for £89.99 at Currys

If you’re excited about a keyboard that matches your personality, you can grab your POP Keys wireless mechanical keyboard from Currys. The POP Keys mechanical keyboards are currently available for £89.99, and the companion mouse is available for £34.99. If you enjoy communicating with emojis, these are certainly worth checking out right now!

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