This Gaming Monitor Improves Your Wi-Fi Signal

The ASRock PG34WQ15R3A gaming monitor on a table.

Wired internet offers the fastest and most reliable connection for PC gamers. But some gamers are stuck with Wi-Fi. That’s why ASRock’s PG34WQ15R3A monitor has an integrated 7dBi Wi-Fi antenna—it lets you bypass your Wi-Fi card’s crappy antenna for a speedier, more stable connection.

Most Wi-Fi cards include a tiny antenna, usually with a gain ratio of 2 or 3dBi. Because these antennas are low-gain and sit so close to the PC chassis, they don’t offer the best signal strength. External Wi-Fi antennas provide a better experience, and they can connect to your existing Wi-Fi card via SMA cable (you can unscrew the antennas on your Wi-Fi card to reveal the SMA connectors).Rear view of ASRock PG34WQ15R3A gaming monitor with SMA antenna connectors highlighted.
The ASRock PG34WQ15R3A's SMA antenna connectors.
Comparing the ASRock PG34WQ15R3A gaming monitor's Wi-Fi antenna performance to that of a regular PC Wi-Fi card.

ASRock’s PG34WQ15R3A gaming monitor has a high-gain 7dBi Wi-Fi antenna integrated into its stand. According to ASRock, this system reduces lag and improves the Wi-Fi speed of your PC. HKEPC performed an independent test of the monitor (with an Intel AX210 graphics card) and found that it boosts download speeds by 40%, while also providing a significant reduction in ping and jitter.

Of course, we can’t promise this kind of improvement for every user. I should also note that HKEPC placed its PC under a desk during these tests. If you’re using a Wi-Fi card’s integrated antennas, you should really place your PC on top of a desk—Wi-Fi has trouble moving through solid objects.

Along with its integrated antenna, the ASRock PG34WQ15R3A has a 34-inch QHD curved display with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It also uses AMD FreeSync Premium and Flicker Free technology to improve picture quality and smoothness, and it supports ASRock’s Polychrome Sync RGB system.

You can purchase the ASRock PG34WQ15R3A today at NewEgg. It costs $460 and ships immediately.

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ASRock PG34WQ15R3A


The ASRock PG34WQ15R3A gaming monitor features an integrated high-gain Wi-Fi antenna, which improves the speed and reliability of your PC's Wi-Fi card.

Source: HKEPC via TechRadar