This Is The Full List of All 4K And HDR Content Available Now on Netflix

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4K UHD entertainment options on Netflix have been steadily growing in scope over the past few years and at this point, the streaming media app’s selection of ultra HD titles is one of the best and most accessible in the world. This accessability, coupled with the fact that the app comes baked right into virtually all smart TV platforms and streaming media device smart systems are what makes Netflix so particularly useful and user-friendly as a quick, affordable source of numerous 4K ultra HD movies and shows for your new UHD TV. Basically, if you’ve just unboxed, hooked up and turned on your 4K TV, almost anywhere in North America and most of the world even, Netflix can get you checking out just how well your television delivers UHD video in seconds, so long as you have enough internet connectivity and a paid up Netflix subscription (sorry, no free content from this service).

So without further ado, here is a basic guide to getting your hands on Netflix 4K UHD content and following that, our complete list of all currently known 4K ultra HD video and 4K HDR content options on the app.

First, How To Access The 4K Streaming content of Netflix:

The following are the essential steps you need to take if you want to enjoy the full value that Netflix offers to owners of 4K TVs and most of all, to owners of 4K HDR TVs of some kind or another.

  1. Obviously enough, you’ll need to own a 4K UHD TV, and with HDR display capability preferably, at least if you also want the growing selection of HDR ocntent in the lists below to render on your TV in high dynamic range glory. Luckily, pretty much all 4K TV models manufactured in 2017 and beyond offer HDR to at least some degree.
  2. You’ll need to find the Netflix app either inside your 4K TV’s smart OS platform (all of them have Netflix included pretty much by default) or in the smart OS app menu of any external streaming media device you’re using on your TV instead (all streaming media devices also have Netflix pretty much by default)
  3. You’ll absolutely a decent internet connection – preferably above 16mbps but we note that Netflix recommends a consistent 25mbps or more for smooth 4K video streaming.
  4. Only one of the several different Netflix streaming account packages offers 4K ultra HD and HDR content access. This is the most expensive “Premium” plan and it costs $13.99 per month. One nice bonus of this package is that it also lets you stream to four different devices at the same time (the other plans allow only one or two devices at a time). You’ll need to get it, and yes, it’s worth the extra couple bucks.
  5. You’ll need to pick a 4K HDR title from the giant Netflix library. Now, Netflix does offer a special category for 4K content since we last checked, but not all content in ultra HD or HDR is easy to find in a neatly categorized way (especially HDR movies or series), so use the list below as a convenient guide for what titles to search for if you want both UHD and high dynamic range.




Netflix Original Movies


1922 5.1
A Christmas Prince 5.1
A Very Murray Christmas 5.1
Amanda Knox 5.1
Chasing Coral Yes 5.1
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny 5.1
Death Note Yes 5.1
Deuces 5.1
Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado 5.1
I’m Brent Morin 5.1
Jerry Before Seinfeld 5.1
Keith Richards: Under The Influence 5.1
Little Evil 5.1
Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes 5.1
Naked Yes 5.1
Okja Yes Atmos
One of Us 5.1
Pee Wee’s Big Holiday 5.1
Sandy Wexler Yes 5.1
Shimmer Lake 5.1
Special Correspondence 5.1
The Babysitter Yes 5.1
The Do Over Yes 5.1
The Ridiculous 6 Yes 5.1
Theo Von: No Offense 5.1
The Siege of Jadotville Yes 5.1
Tom Segura: Mostly Stories 5.1
True Memoirs of an International Assassin 5.1
War Machine Yes 5.1
What Happened, Miss Simone? 5.1
Wheelman 5.1
Win it All 5.1
You Get Me 5.1

Netflix Original Shows


3% 5.1
13 Reasons Why 5.1
Alias Grace 5.1
A Series of Unfortunate Events 5.1
Abstract: The Art of Design Yes 5.1
American Vandal 5.1
Atypical 5.1
Audrie & Daisy 5.1
Black Mirror 5.1
Bloodline 5.1
Blood on Rome 5.1
Cable Girls 5.1
Chef’s Table Yes 5.1
Chef’s Table France Yes 5.1
Chelsea Does 5.1
Cooked 5.1
Dear White People 5.1
Disjointed 5.1
Easy 5.1
El Chapo 5.1
F is for Family 5.1
Fearless 5.1
Flaked 5.1
Friends from College Yes 5.1
Frontier 5.1
Fuller House 5.1
Girl Boss Yes 5.1
GLOW Yes 5.1
Godless – Limited Series Yes 5.1
Grace and Frankie 5.1
Gypsy 5.1
Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On 5.1
House of Cards 5.1
Jimmy Carr: Funny Business 5.1
Lady Dynamite 5.1
Last Chance U 5.1
Longmire 5.1
Love 5.1
Manhunt 5.1
Marcela 5.1
Marco Polo Yes 5.1
Marseille 5.1
Marvel’s Daredevil Yes 5.1
Marvel’s Jessica Jones 5.1
Marvel’s Luke Cage Yes 5.1
Marvel’s Iron Fist Yes 5.1
Marvel’s Punisher Yes 5.1
Marvel’s The Defenders Yes 5.1
Master of None 5.1
Medici: Masters of Florence 5.1
Million Yen Women (Japanese) 5.1
MindHunter Yes 5.1
Narcos 5.1
Netflix Presents: The Characters 5.1
Orange is the New Black 5.1
Ozark 5.1
Patton Oswalt 5.1
Real Rob 5.1
Santa Clarita Diet Yes 5.1
Samurai Gourmet Yes 5.1
Sense 8 5.1
Stranger Things Yes 5.1
Surviving Escobar 5.1
The Crown 5.1
The Get Down 5.1
The OA Yes 5.1
The Ranch 5.1
The Standups 5.1
The White Helmets 5.1
Travelers 5.1
Ultimate Beastmaster 5.1
Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt 5.1
w/Bob & David 5.1
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp 5.1
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later 5.1

Netflix Specials


Alan Saldaña: Mi Vida De Pobre 5.1
Amy Schumer: The Leather Special 5.1
Bo Burnam Make Happy 5.1
Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo 5.1
Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers 5.1
Cedric the Entertainer 5.1
Chris D’Elia: Man On Fire 5.1
Dave Chappelle 5.1
David Cross: Making America Great Again 5.1
DeRay Davis: How to Act Black 5.1
Gabriel Iglesias 5.1
Iliza: Confirmed Kills 5.1
Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking 5.1
Jerry Before Seinfeld 5.1
Jim Jefferies: Freedumb 5.1
Jimmy Carr Funny Business 5.1
Jo Koy Live from Seattle 5.1
Joe Rogan: Triggered 5.1
Louis C.K. 2017 5.1
Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast 5.1
Oh, Hello On Broadway 5.1
Patton Oswalt Talking for Clapping 5.1
Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face 5.1
Sarah Silverman A Speck of Dust 5.1
What the Health 5.1

Other Series

Better Call Saul Seasons 1-2 (AMC) 5.1
Breaking Bad: Seasons 1-5 (AMC) 5.1
The Blacklist: Seasons 1-3 (NBC) 5.1
Video Game High School 5.1

Other Movies

APEX: The Story of the Hypercar 5.1
Barbecue 5.1
Bad Asses on the Bayou 5.1
Diary of an Exorcist – Zero 5.1
Fireplace 4k: Classic Crackling Fireplace 5.1
Groundhog Day 5.1
Madre 5.1
Moving Art: Oceans 5.1
Moving Art: Underwater 5.1
Moving Art: Waterfalls 5.1
Samurai Gourmet 5.1
She’s Gotta Have It 5.1
Talladega Nights 5.1
The Davinci Code 5.1
The Holiday 5.1
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