This Pixel 6 User Found a Way to Run Windows 11 on Android 13

Like every other Google Pixel phone out there, the Pixel 6 runs on Android. However, this doesn’t mean that users out there don’t want to have some fun with their devices and experiment with them a little by trying to run an entirely different operating system. One developer seems to have achieved this feat by getting the Pixel 6 to run Windows 11 as a virtual machine while simultaneously running Android 13 on developer preview.

How do you achieve this? Well, as you can imagine, the process is quite complex, but you might be able to achieve it yourself if you have sufficient technical know-how. The Android OS is built on the Linux kernel, allowing you to run various virtual machines using different operating systems on Android 13. XDA has a thorough explanation of the process, and how it works, so you may want to check that out.

In any case, when you run a Windows 11 virtual machine on Android 13, this uses an exploit that many other developers have used to run several Linux distributions on mobile.

And of course, Twitter user kdrag0n even tried launching Doom on the Pixel 6 while running the Windows 11 virtual machine. If you didn’t know, running Doom on various hardware that shouldn’t run the game is a recurring joke within the gaming and development community.

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