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This PS5 Pro concept imagines what would happen if Alienware got involved

The PlayStation 5 Pro is still yet to be announced, but designer Latif Ghouali gives us a glimpse of something a bit different.

PlayStation 5 Pro concept 6

Latif Ghouali / Yanko Design

We’ve been seeing rumours about a PlayStation 5 Pro pretty much since the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition first launched. However, they seem to have ramped up a little since 2023 started, with some even suggesting we’ll see a new machine this year.

One report even claimed we could see the PS5 Pro announced in April this year ahead of a release closer to Christmas. And while that seems unlikely to us, considering the PlayStation 4 Pro was announced in September 2016 a couple of months before release, it stands to reason that Sony will want to upgrade its existing machine(s) at some point. It also has a track record of introducing a mid-generation refresh around three years into a console’s life cycle.

There are certainly a few things it could do to entice PS5 users to upgrade – more processing power. a graphics boost, even cooling systems have each been touted in leaks. What we haven’t heard much about so far though is what it could look like.

That’s where designer Latif Ghouali steps in. He has produced some excellent renders of a possible aesthetic for the PS5 Pro. Posted on Yanko Design, his images show an angular version of the console that owes much to desktop PC models from Alienware.

PlayStation 5 Pro concept design by Latif Ghouali (via Yanko Design)

Even the DualSense controller gets a makeover in his concept designs – with less curves and more edges. We’ll be honest though, while we can get fully behind the console shape itself, a controller is designed in such a way for comfort and ergonomics. We’re not sure either apply to the controller pictured.

Still, we can dream and are particularly fond of the downlighting Ghouali has added to the bottom of his version of the PS5 Pro. It won’t look as good when lying flat, probably, but would look great if you’re playing in a darkened room.

We’ll just have to wait to see if Sony does announce something in the coming months and, if so, just how close this concept gets to the final model. We’ll keep you posted on all the speculation in the build-up, that’s for sure.