Tirana Municipality In Albania Goes Open Source With Nextcloud

The Municipality of Tirana, the capital and largest city of Albania with a total population of about 800,000 citizens is now using Nextcloud, an open source software to offer an improvement in the deployment of a private cloud service.

The municipality changed from ownCloud to Nextcloud on June 11th 2017 just two months after using ownCloud. This change was proposed by the IT staff after they took into consideration the security, performance as well as the fact that Nextcloud is 100% open source. They also recognized the fact that the open source community support might be an asset in future for the municipality.

Mr Ermir Puka, who is the director of the IT department and his team are optimistic about the private cloud service project and see Nextcloud as the most reliable when compared to others. To them, Nextcloud will be able to serve the needs of the more than 600 employees working for the municipality.

The employees will be able to use it for secure file sharing and for other applications like the Calendar, the Collabora Online tools, the Chat app, the mobile clients and other apps in the Nextcloud ecosystem.

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It should be noted that this is the first municipality in South Eastern Europe that has put open source softwares first at the expense of proprietary software as a means to cut down cost, protect data privacy for its employees as well as citizens. To the municipality, Nextcloud and other open source software are the right tools for them to accomplish this.

Workshops, meetups, localization sprints have been organized that offer opportunity for citizens to get in touch with open source technologies and solutions. An example is the Open Source Conference of Albania.

Nextcloud was started by Frank Karitschek who was also the founder of ownCloud. It is an open source self-hosted cloud platform for file sharing and document synchronization. It is used to share, protect and get access to files, contacts, calendars and for communication at home as well as in the enterprises.

Nextcloud has as aims to empower users to take control of the data and communication. It can be installed on a personal server and is an alternative to Dropbox and Google apps. And with Tirana opting for it, perhaps other public offices might choose NextCloud.