Titanfall 2 Looks Incredible On Xbox One X In New 4K Gameplay Video

Titanfall 2, the second entry in the series developed by Respawn, is one of the many games that are getting Xbox One X enhancements. Last month, the team detailed these enhancements, and today we can check them out ourselves thanks to a new gameplay video.

The new gameplay video, which can be watched below, shows how nice the game looks on Xbox One X at 4K resolution. The game doesn’t just look nice, but it runs great so those getting an Xbox One X will be in for a real treat.

Among the Titanfall 2 Xbox One X enhancements are rendering detail and dynamic resolution cap increase, Dynamic Superscaling and more.

We have increased the rendering details and dynamic resolution cap of Titanfall 2 on X1X. This means the game will always output a 4K signal, but dynamically alter the resolution based on GPU load to ensure smooth framerates. Additionally, we have brought over from the PC version of Titanfall 2 Dynamic Superscaling for times when even full 2160p doesn’t push the X1X GPU to 100% utilization. Players will benefit from these enhancements whether they are enjoying our single player campaign or playing online. The characters you’ll meet and environments you’ll battle through will be rich with new detail and the epic mayhem of a multiplayer match will run smoothly even with dozens of grunts, Pilots, and Titans going at it in a match of Attrition.

We’re pretty excited to be taking advantage of Dynamic Superscaling, which ensures 100% GPU utilization at all times. It is a pretty ingenious feature to allow a game that is so dynamic like Titanfall 2 to always look its best. Players can be sure that no matter what they are doing in the game, the Xbox One X is running on all cylinders to make Titanfall 2 run and look amazing.

Titanfall 2 is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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