Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Worth it in 2019? | A Late Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Worth it in 2019? | A Late Review

Rainbow Six Siege is Very Fun

Right now, new games can cost up to $60 which is a price that many gamers can’t afford to pay. Considering that a gaming console like the Xbox One can be picked up for as low as $200, $60 for one game is a bit expensive. If you can’t afford to pay $60 for a game but, still want a good game that people still play Rainbow Six Siege may be the game for you.

Strategic Game-Play

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t like Call of Duty, it’s realistic and you need a strategy to win. If you run in a building and start shooting at everyone in Rainbow Six Siege you’ll definitely die and cause your team to lose so if you want something like Call of Duty Rainbow Six Siege may not be the game for you. If you like strategic action game-play then Rainbow Six Siege may be the perfect game for you.

When you start a match. if you spawn as the attacking team you’ll choose 1 out of a few spawn options and try to kill as many enemy players as possible without dying. Of course, you should remember that you can’t just run in alone because you’ll definitely die. You should wait to go in with teammates or try to sneak up on enemy players to get a win.

Players also have some things at their disposable. Every operator automatically spawns with an extra drone that they can use to find the location of enemy players. Operators also have things specific to them. For example, one of the defaults operators comes with a jammer that jams enemy drones and another comes with a bomb that they can place on blocked windows and doorways to blow it up. When certain operators are paired up with each other, they become OP and are able to destroy the enemy team which is one of the biggest strategic aspects of the game.

All of the Different Operators

A lot of Content

Rainbow Six Siege is now a few years old but, Ubisoft still releases new content for the game. Gamers don’t have to pay for anything in Rainbow Six Siege other than operators. You can buy operators but, it’ll take a long time so, you might as well shell out some money for extra operators. Of course, extra operators are not a must. Rainbow Six Siege may not feature a lot of different game modes but, it does feature many maps. There are enough maps that you probably wouldn’t get bored for at least 50 hours of game-play! The game always plays out a little differently and because of that, the game doesn’t feel redundant.

Low Price

Right now if you head over to Steam, you can pick up Rainbow Six Siege for only $19.99 but, you can easily find the game for $15 or less in a Steam Sale. The best thing is the fact that you can get all of the maps for free but, operators do cost money, of course, you can buy the operators with in-game currency which isn’t easy to get. The game is available on the PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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